Big Wins in Mestalla: from disaster to disaster

Grandes goleadas en Mestalla: de desastre en desastre

Last update 19 September, 2013 by Julio Muñoz

Swansea was the last team to emerge victorious rotund form of Mestalla. His victory for 0-3 leaves the set of Miroslav Djukic with water to the neck. However, along the history, the Valencia club has suffered heavy setbacks at home in Europe and Liga. We review some of the most scandalous and recent:

1- Valencia 1-Naples 5: It occurred in September, but a 16 that month of the year 92. Such Diego Fonseca luxury scoring five goals in the first round of the UEFA Cup allowed. As against the Welsh, Valencia played a long time with one less for the expulsion of Quique Sanchez Flores.

2- Valencia 1- Inter 5: he 20 October 2004 the club coached by Claudio Ranieri then succumbing to Inter Milan with another resounding mannitol. All the goals came in the second half and the meeting meant that Santi Cañizares fit for the first time in his career more than three goals in one game.

3- Valencia 0- Roma 3: the season 2002-03 also he left a not so resounding win but tremendously negative. Roma Totti then endorsed three goals a club that, nevertheless, he got into the quarterfinals of the Champions. Again, an Italian team profaned Mestalla.

4- Valencia-Real Sociedad 2 5: It occurred last December and was the farewell as coach Pelegrino. It was a hand in the making came mostly in the second half. Soldier opened the scoring, but both De la Bella soon after the break caused an earthquake that killed dismissal.

5- Valencia 0- Real Madrid 5: other five goals endorsed the Madrid to Valencia at the Mestalla last year. Excessive result but still did not exceed the set that got in the season 2011-12, when he thrashed Valencia by 3-6.

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