How much costs a bar watching football?

¿Cuánto le cuesta a un bar ver el fútbol?

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How much costs a bar watching football? One of the most typical things that Spain is the gathering of friends at a bar to watch a football match. Beer or soda turn with a lid and television opposite where the Champions League or is present.

The fact watching football with loved ones or simply not be able to see it at home, the fact is that many people decide to get off the bar or cafe under house to see his favorite team. Sin embargo, what to priori is a good deal for the bar can not be so if we question how much it really costs to a bar put any operator to retransmit football.

And is that if we look at prices, we can see how to put Movistar, Orange, Vodafone or other platform can be a real headache to a bar. As the shed is mounted (the rights of a competition of an operator and another from another), the only way to ensure see all the matches in hiring Movistar TV Bar package which also includes Internet access and telephone line with flat rate calls, the Canal + channels 1, Canal + Liga, Canal + Champions League and Europa League all Gol2 International.  Its price, and tax included, es de 272 monthly euros.

A partir de ahí, and everything else means entering juggling. Plus Football Plus allows you the option Bar where to see the league and the Champions by 172 euros but that does not enter the Europa League or phone line or Internet. If you want cheaper you can take the Sport Plus package Bar, but there have only one game a week League (The Canal Plus 1), but with a price 82 euros per month. Then there are intermediate options such as selecting only package Canal Plus Liga, but always exceeds 100 monthly euros and there is no access to the Champions League or Europa.

This whole conglomeration of options makes if a bar wants to be sure to see all parties have to pay 272 monthly euros, high figure, more if compared to what it costs to a particular (51 euros tax included, but only Canal Plus, Canal Plus Canal Plus Liga y Champions).

El Plus para bares es caro.
Plus for bars it is expensive.

The question is whether or not a bar finds it profitable in these times purchase these packages at prices so high. The answer is obvious: it depends. It depends on the city and clientele and type of bar. In Bilbao, for example the interest of Champions is lower than in Madrid and Seville interest in the Europa League is much higher than the Champions. Así pues, in Bilbao maybe it is best to put the Plus League, the whole package in Madrid and Seville opt for the option of Gol TV.

If you pay 272 euros that it would sure see all the football must be made clear that in order to repay the money. In that aspect, put the “Plus” a bar is a big change for the enclosure. If not open on Sunday, it almost forced to do so. If not open on Tuesday or Wednesday night, it almost forced to do so. Dinners plate and fork may be replaced by a plate and a sandwich whitewater. A nice… thought to be football…what you should never do is hijack signal. Fines up 3.000 Violators can receive euros.

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17 thoughts on “How much costs a bar watching football?

  1. I understand that many bars Hechen no football is a bloody heist to them. Pay 300 euros for watching football. Come on and playing balls also sgae . SHORTCUT of crooks and thieves. Ojala moviestar break and the entire group hurry

  2. almost all are alive insolvent piracy ,to adjust losprecios coñovayamierdas of advisers who have Canal Plus.

  3. I do not understand, as the channel plus, allow, each bec there more customers, they are no longer subscribers, or lose that aya clients or customers who can not see , so expensive it is plus bar,
    It is not normal for a bar with a capacity of 100 pax, payments ,the same as one of 45, benefits, They are not the same; I think it should , reviewed, and it was comparable,( do not lose more customers) we are , a country football, not delimit. Gracias

  4. It has many small bars will not profitable, because it is always crowded with a beer two at most you put up the party and you catch a table, 2h in spending as much bar 3 €.

    you comes after a family to eat, where you earn bread, can not because that person or persons are coming football almost free.

    the truth that 272 is a robbery look at it

  5. There being Opcio hiring sport. Where you have all parties champion. Liga. Copa del rey … etc. In Spanish with an annual fee and the ptimer year 350 and with apparatus including. The following year contract extension only discounting the appliance q already have. 100% legal.

    1. Patricia've been looking for the website being sport but tells me that does not currently work in our country, gives me the option of Elegua a supplier but which no Elegua. Might you help me?

    2. What you have hired?? You know if you are good or not?
      What you pay is such stupidity that I can not afford it even if we have a certain amount of people. But that would be more feasible option.
      If you could tell me more….

    3. NI de coña….. 100% punishable. If it is expensive or not your looks expensive football…. I do not go bars worth paying for what I ask….

  6. you have luck ,Spain lie that this will let them do PUTOS MONOPOLIES
    Francisco Franco Bahamonde
    would not pass
    CHORIZOS A Coast Village
    Business empires which dictate prices
    You guys are robber barons


  8. And of course ami 290 € depends on the year last year did not issue all parties in canal + You had to take GolTv that soma another 180 €
    290€ + 180 € + 80 € The SGAE

    1. Checked…. locals who put MOVISTAR and GOLT have no problems…… I leave it there!!

      and nothing……

      1. Hi John ..pues could say as I do…my bar is located between two streets with fiber optics and my street is about. 100 mtrs between them they do not make me the damn satellite cable..y MoviStar not want because they want to phase out the signal.. Internet is a bummer because the are locked anyone know that I can answer hacer..agradecería

  9. I think depending on location (town or city ) and depending on the people should vary the price, We are many people who have small bars, as is my case it's a retirement home of a village 300 habitantes,and I think we have the right to watch football or bulls but at these prices we find imposible.Gracias

    1. Everyone is entitled to whatever we want… but private is private and if you have money you have to pay… If I go to your bar I ask a coffee… I put on a cagalero torrefacto and I say nothing, I give you 0,20 that is what counts… at a minimum you shit in my ma….

      I said put MOVISTAR and GOLT and no problem…..

      1. For John, with all my respect, If you go to a bar and pay 0,20 for watching football, more, (shit what you say)… you out cheaper than at home.

        So shut up, customers like you do not come out profitable. It does not have to swallow any waiter for your personhood.

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