Pep, Mou, Carlo or El Cholo Who is the best coach in the world?

Pep, Mou, Carlo or El Cholo Who is the best coach in the world?

It is said that all suspended for football took a coach in, even there 45 million for the Spanish team lineups. Each of us see football in a way and, Of course, we feel more or less identified with different coaches, but do you think that there is a perfect coach? Do you think it would be easy to put all suspended by soccer agree who is the best coach in the world? The truth, It seems very complicated.

I think none of the four coaches we will talk needs no introduction, but it is worth remembering the palm groves of these four monsters from the bench because, sometimes, It gives the impression that the maelstrom of everyday life in the beautiful game makes us lose sight of who we are talking.

Pep Guardiola: 2 Copas del Rey, 3 Leagues Spain, 3 Supercopa of Spain, 1 Bundesliga, 1 German Cup, 2 Champions League, 3 European Super Cups and 3 Clubs World Cups. Almost nothing…
Pep advocates claim that their game is not comparable to that of any other teams coach in the world, resources of their teams are often inexhaustible and was able to make Messi the best player in the world (or one of the best, this is another debate ...).

his detractors, instead, They say their game ends up being predictable, in many phases of the games and championships it lacks depth and has had the great fortune (deserved in the) Always train teams tremendously talented players, except for his time at Barcelona B in Third Division, but perhaps pressure and objectives have a subsidiary are not the same that may be a first team table half or even lower, where the coach actually have to put imagination when they begin the limitations of their pupils.

It is the best coach Pep world?.
It is the best coach Pep world?.

Jose Mourinho: 2 first League, 1 Portugal Cup, 1 Supercup, 2 Football League Cup, 2 Premier League, 1 Community Shield , 1 Football Association Challenge Cup, 1 Italian Super Cup, 2 A series, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 League, 1 Spain Supercup, 1 UEFA Cup y 2 Champions League.

Advocates can say with my head held high is the only coach in history to have won 3 big leagues, also they say it is one of the best coaches who can play his cards with the players you have in your template and handles like no results in their favor in the two-legged.

Anti-Mourinhistas, which they are few, criticize the revolution that heralds the arrival of the coach any team and lack of stability resulting in their workforce, as an example, always comes out the famous theme Casillas (to which he was about to make to leave the club that has spent his entire life) and their disagreements with several heavyweights Real Madrid template.

Mou never leave anyone indifferent.
Mou never leave anyone indifferent.

Carlo Ancelotti: One of the best record in the history as coach: 1 Coppa Italia, 1 A series, 1 Supercopa Italia, 1 Community Shield, 1 Premier League, 1 FA Cup, 1 League 1, 1 Copa del Rey, 3 Champions League, 3 European Super Cup, 2 Club World Cup.

Those who are positioned in their favor no shortage of arguments, to get started, the record for consecutive wins a European team that holds the current streak of Real Madrid and is only 2 victories to get the absolute record. Of course, also they say it has an emotional stability Madrid players is making them to think only about playing football and getting results that had long not remembered in Chamartin (Tenth including longed).

also "blame" to get players like Benzema, Isco, Casillas ... have regained its best version and even some of them are in the best moment of his career. Of course, also people who disagree with their work ... They claim that, Guardiola, It had much easier to reach where it is as a coach by the name he had as a player.

Carlo Ancelotti has an agreement to be the next coach of Real Madrid
Carlo Ancelotti has revived Real Madrid.

Another recurring theme is the very fame that has coach Carlo "weak" and that is influenced both by his players for his latest presidente.Por say their game is very direct and with players who have should be able to do one more associative game.

Diego Pablo Simeone: although perhaps you not have a resume as extensive as the previous three coaches, if we take into account their age and the time it takes on the bench it is more than enviable: 1 Apertura championship, 1 Clausura championship, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 League, 1 Spain Supercup, 1 UEFA and 1 European Super Cup.

In recent years there are few who believe it is the best coach in the world; Please have your personality that is able to print your teams, but also it states that it is a great strategist and a few like him are able to make the 150% of each of his players teniéndoles each and every one of them always fully "plugged" and waiting for "your chance".

Cholo Simeone, a type of characterful.
Cholo Simeone, a type of characterful.

Football fans who see him as the best think that a coach to reach the level of other major, must be able to control their impulses more than once you have sent off bounds. Another things you hear about him is that Atletico Madrid, computer that has established itself as coach, It is a team made in his image and likeness and, maybe, in other equipment, with other players, not give the same results being given in the whole mattress.

Is not easy, There are four great coaches, Who do you think is the best coach in the world?. What everyone leave your comments.

Raul Palencia

Raul Palencia

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  1. Certainly as difficult as the issue of who is best player in the world. El Cholo has left a lot of race, today apart from the character q gives to his team and four plays of strategy will not see much more. Pep at its best stage of the club to an exquisite football, but not in the Bayern, I would like to see a smaller team to check their resources. Carlo if different leagues have shown their good work, but also with super teams, in my oponion a large group manager, q and is a good virtue alone. Mou in my opinion is the best, Champions win, competition for excellence, with teams that have done , It is where you really see the hand of the coach, both footballing and group management, insist the best objective data

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