February 27, 2021
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    The undersigned does not sympathize with either, but I had opportunity to travel and there were always situations that surprised me. As an example pointed out the last time I was in Rome, a taxi driver asks me where I was from? I replied in Argentina, and then he tells me Carlitos Tévez, to which I say excuse me ..but, Tevez never played in Roman clubs, what the Lord answered me ..no matter, I'm from Boca! Situations like that happened to me many times.. and not to sidestep the name Boca Juniors has a mystique that makes anyone who comes to our country wants to know the stadium of Boca or the stars of world football want to play at the club. However, who can forget those glorious riverplatenses brackets from the glorious machine Muñoz Moreno Pedernera Labruna Lusteau, more here players or Onega, Sivori, Alonzo, Gallardo, Ortega, Francescoli, etc . No one doubts the greatness millionaire, but with the obligation to respond to the unknown, it is clear that the largest of America's Boca Juniors. I tell this after take work home to make surveys, asking who is bigger River or Boca, River mouth. The result has always been the same and categorically. Several surveys and affirm strongly. One of the latest was made by the Spanish magazine Marca yielding overwhelming results over
    half a million people surveyed, throwing the results outlined here. Boca 59% River 36% others 5%. regards.

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    Look , the two arguments that define who is greater , is the history between them and the titles , it can be said that local-level tournaments , river mouth is bigger and internationally , but overall mouth has more , and history is in favor of mouth , For me it is a clearly visible matter , It is that fans add things and issues that have nothing to do , just to earn points in this rivalry , Boca is bigger those who hurt… At least for now , I am not the owner destination , that's God , I do not.

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      looks good in terms of merits have it as a river that won international fewer tournaments…and put the liberators just look at the cups, but won suruga banc river, American Recopa Sudamericana, Supercopas to mouth level sudamericansi to take them into account and a river not then you can.
      37 a 24 only need to win local tournaments lengths x be 20 or dates 40 in long tournaments, do not forget to national and / or metropolitan.
      when I win intercontinental mouth was a single party ( Today would not reach…)
      do not forget that river was 18 years without winning tournaments and in that time I could have surpassed mouth or as much could have come and failed who is greater?to compare and be rational t you have to be removed…regards


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