Boca-River in the Bombonera, a wonderful experience

Boca-River en la Bombonera, una experiencia maravillosa
La Bombonera is the noisiest country in the world.

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If we asked by Alberto Jacinto Armando Stadium, many of our readers would have serious doubts know where it is located. However, things change, when we say that the nickname of this stadium is none other than the Bombonera, inaugurated in court 1940 and current home of Boca Juniors.

La Bombonera with 49.000 locations is one of the most beloved stadiums not only in South America but the world. With a hellish environment for the opponent is a stadium that has lived special matches, as classic against rival, the neighbor, River Plate.

So special that British newspapers have turned out as ” The observer” have considered see a Boca-River as one of the 50 sporting events you must see before you die. other as “The Sun”, They have gone further and have come to bring this Buenos Aires classic as the most intense sporting experience of the world. Either way, see this Argentine derby leaves no one indifferent.

La Bombonera es el estadio de Boca Juniors y se encuentra en el barrio de Boca.
La Bombonera is the stadium of Boca Juniors and is in the neighborhood of Boca.

Sitteth upon the neighborhood of La Boca, La Bombonera owes its nickname to some chocolates that gave him his architect for his birthday. From there the name was extended to become known worldwide under this nickname. In the stadium, They are also very famous Chants 12, the fans of Boca, not to encourage his team with constant allusions to his enemy River and your loved Maradona.

Diego Armando Maradona, es hincha reconocido de Boca
Diego Armando Maradona, It is recognized Boca fan

Main curiosities, we can say that at this stage the Argentina national team has never lost at home and Martin Palermo 125 goals is the man who has scored more goals in the goals of the field. By the way, If you are wondering who it was Alberto Jacinto Armando, I will say for those who do not know who was president of the xeneize entity for more than two decades( years 60 y 70).

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