¿Qué liga es la mejor del mundo?

¿Qué liga es la mejor del mundo?

About to start the month of August and therefore the start of the main leagues in Europe is time to ask yourself which is the best league in the world. A simple question that, however, is not easy to answer.. Traditionally, this award always went to Serie A, that boasted in the years 80 y 90 to be the most powerful next to the English. But, little by little and as the twentieth century was consumed, the powerful Spanish league was cutting this space, leading this honorary classification.

Nowadays, nevertheless, asserting that the BBVA league is still the best seems a bit daring. Lack of money, serious financial problems and a lot of empty seats in the stands have put her in a very difficult situation. In order to get a real idea of ​​how things are, we analyze several factors to take into account in the best leagues.


Today the Bundesliga and the Premier League are the best in this regard without any discussion.. Affordable prices for powerful pockets mean that week after week we see the stadiums full, Unlike what we find in Italy and Spain where the depopulation of the stands has been following a very worrying path in the last four years. For example, in the year 2008, 10.815.202 Spectators came at some point to witness a Spanish league match. In 2013, that number was reduced to 10.734.741, losing Real Madrid more than 3.000 average spectators per game and Valencia more than 2.500.

Quite the opposite than in England where that number has grown by more than 100.000 people and in Germany, where it has increased by more than 30.000 spectators

Hobby evolution:

BBVA League: 10.815.202 in 2008. Five years later 10.743.741.

Premier: 13.524.978 in 2008. Five years later 13.649.868.

Bundesliga: 13.011.578 in 2008. Five years later 13.042.863 (18 equipos).

Ligue 1: 7.992.900 in 2008. Five years later 7.298.707.

A series: 9.615.546 in 2008. Five years later 8.830.694.

The highest average number of spectators per stadium is in Germany.
The highest average number of spectators per stadium is in Germany. Although in general terms it is in England the one that receives the most for having 20 teams instead of 18.

If we had to give points to each for each facet to analyze, here the Premier would take 5, la Bundesliga 4, the Liga BBVA 3, la Ligue 1 2 and the Scudetto 1.


There is no color here. En España, Nobody who is Real Madrid or Barcelona can win the League as a result of the tremendous imbalance in the television distribution. In Germany, Bayern are always the clear favorites with Dortmund in the background. The Premier in that sense is more open. Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United can fight for the title and Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool for being the great entertainers. although perhaps, the more open is the French, donde Lyon, Marseilles, PSG or the new project of Monaco can aspire to the title. In Italy, Juve is the great dominator, although Milan and Inter are more than real threats.

If we were to award points, the premier would take 5, la francesa 4, la italiana 3, la española 2 and the German 1.

Money brought in by TV largely shapes the rankings.
Money brought in by TV largely shapes the rankings.


The Spanish League has the best players in the world. Ronaldo, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar and possibly Bale. But they are divided into two teams mainly. Far from them, all other teams are sellers. Mainly, fate england, the league where the best middle class of footballers in Europe is concentrated by far. In France, PSG and Monaco also have stellar transfer capacity, something that in Italy is not so much. In Germany, Bayern monopolizes everything.

Punctuation: Premier 5, BBVA League 4, Ligue 1 3, Bundesliga 2 and Series A 1

International honors:

A good thermometer to measure the potential of the leagues is what their teams do in Europe. Here there is no doubt that in the last five years Spain has been the strongest followed by the Premier, although with the Bundesliga reducing distances to sidereal marches. La Ligue 1 and to a lesser extent Serie A are one step behind.

Punctuation: BBVA League 5, Premier 4, Bundesliga 3, A series 2 and flirt 1 1.


If we add all the points, we see how the Premier is consolidated as the best league in the world with 18 points, followed by the Spanish League with 14 and the Bundesliga with 10, la Ligue 1 con 8 and Serie A with 7 Followers. Possibly, It is shocking that the gala league is better classified than Serie A, but the arrival of billionaires in Monaco and PSG make him win integers against an increasingly weakened Italian Calcio. The classification carried out also reflects a trend: the Bundesliga begins to seriously gain ground to the league, that you see your second position discussed.

What does the IFFHS say?

Barbarities, how to collect the league of Paraguay the ninth in the world or the Premier League the fifth at the end of the 2012. Without underestimating or overvaluing one or the other, evidently the IFFHS concepts are light years away from the current reality.

1º First division Flag of Spain.svg Spain 1283,0
2º A series Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil 1057,0
3º Bundesliga Flag of Germany.svg Germany 1037,0
4º A series Flag of Italy.svg Italia 1034,0
5º Premier League England flag England 1007,0
6º First division Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 919,0
7º Ligue 1 Flag of France.svg France 880,0
8º Eredivisie Flag of the Netherlands.svg Países Bajos 738,0
9º Paraguay First Division Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay 712,5
10º Chilean First Division Flag of Chile.svg Chile 711,5

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