The five highest-paid players in the world

The five highest-paid players in the world
Carlos Tevéz will be in China the highest paid player in the world. Photo: The nation

Who was going to say to those who began a good day kicking him something spherical, the gesture would become a worldwide phenomenon. In a sport that has crossed borders and torn down. A game that goes far beyond the mere and pure fun. A show that moves masses, while generates amounts, enormous, of money.

Nowadays, much of everything around football has become a business driven by the incessant desire for profit of many powerful hands. It's for this reason, which at its peak, wherever you look all bulbs, is the heart of the matter, the source from which everything emanates. Y, cómo no podría ser de otro modo, the main players are the players. Without them this gravy train would end. A circumstance that makes them privileged to the point of becoming real billionaires, provided they develop their role in the elite. Next, the five highest-paid players in the world are displayed, y, cuidado, They may be carried few surprises:

1. Carlos Tevez (Shangai Shenshua), 38 million per year.

2. Oscar (Shangai SIPG, league china), 24 million per year

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, liga española), 23.6 million per year

4. Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, liga española), 20 million per year

5. Hulk (Shanghai SIPG, league china), 20 million per year

Como ven, They are not known figures those who enjoy better wage. The Asian giant has also come to football, wanting to build competitive leagues based talonario. Oscar is a clear example of this, that only 25 years has left a club like Chelsea and a tournament like the Premier League, seduced by the Chinese economic power.

Carlos Garrido

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