The houses are betting on football

The houses are betting on football
Betting houses are booming.

Betting are living a golden age in Spain. The figures move the sports betting sector have tripled in just five years. An explosion and hardly repeatable growth. Only in the first quarter of this 2018 They have wagered 1.567 million euros that have generated a profit of almost 80 million. The main cause of the success of this business is tied to your internet takeoff.

The fact that from your smartphone can access the wide range of bets available 24 hours of the day, anytime, anywhere, has enabled a mass and a volume of business that was impossible to achieve when, to make a bet, players had to move to his house nearest physical betting. With thesmartphoneIt's as simple and convenient as clicking. Suddenly removed barriers such as lack of time or laziness.

Compare all betting is the point where all bettor should start. Thewebs They offer a bonus released: welcome bonuses. This is money that each company gives bettors when they create their account and make your first deposit. Each bookmaker has a different plan corresponds welcome and users know which one may find it more advantageous.

For a couple of years, the presence of betting on advertising and sponsorship of sports has been increasing. while, Today, it is almost impossible for the Spaniards found at any time of day with an announcement relating to gambling.

And little by little, this is sophisticated advertising. It is no longer just about ads that increasingly known presenters and actors appear, but bookmakers earn space programs in which the drivers of these programs themselves disclose quotas for certain matches.

In Spain football is the most popular sport in popularizing gambling and, if we talk about football, we must emphasize theUEFA Champions League, the most prestigious club competition in the world. This is because it is in the best tournaments in world sport where the highest peaks occur participation. Something that, Of course, It happened in the past World Russia.

It is in this kind of events in which the phenomenon of recreational power bets, which they are made by spectators at a sporting event to give it some more excitement to the game they are watching. Usually modest bets and success or failure of the bet is seen as a reinforcement rather than as an objective.

The emergence of sports betting in the world of football is such that 19 of the 20 teams in the Spanish Primera Division they have signed agreements with some sportsbook, including Real Madrid and Barcelona Football Club. Some players like Iker Casillas and other famous exfutbolistas as Roberto Carlos, Albert Luque O Julio Salinass are linked to betting generating more visibility and recognition for this sector continues to grow.

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