The day that Colombia was Brazil: 20 years of the great rout

The day that Colombia was Brazil: 20 years of the great rout

The 5 September 1993 there was one of the biggest thrashings of football history. Not so much the result itself, but its meaning: the 0-5 from Colombia to Argentina at the Monumental de River during the qualifying World Cup 1994. A demonstration of superiority, efficacy, talent and collective game of a group of men who that day seemed to be the Brazil of the 70.

Colombia went to Buenos Aires with the need to win or draw to keep the first position and avoid the play-off. To Argentina, he was only worth winning. On the grass, the best of both teams: Simeone, Ruggeri, Redondo, Batistuta, Goycoechea formed an eleven albiceleste of guarantees to receive a group of players who had amazed with their game and who responded to the name of Asprilla, Valderrama, Corner, Córdoba, Perea, etc..

A full field, 75 passionate souls was the witness of one of the great exhibitions that are remembered. Maturana and Basile on the benches and Maradona in the stands. And suddenly, the exhibition. The unexpected. Despite going out eager to score, Argentina goes to rest with an unfair 0-1 thanks to a goal from Freddy Rincón.

A preview of what's to come in the second half. A current of football that ends with four more goals, an outraged public and a team cheered by a combination football of association and touch. A football from this era in another era. Guardiola's Barcelona, Pele's Brazil, Cruyff's Holland in the hands of Maturana.

Beyond a soccer game it meant many things: the biggest win in history at home received by Argentina who remained after 19 years undefeated at home, the return of Maradona to the albiceleste and the recognition that Colombia and the coffee growers had entered the football legend.

Argentina's flag
0 (0)
Colombia's flag
5 (1)
5 of September of 1993, 19:00 UTC-3
Liberti Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio, Buenos Aires
75.000 viewers approx. (Lap Final)
1 BY Sergio Goycochea
20 DEF Julio Saldaña
15 DEF Jorge Borelli
6 DEF Oscar Ruggeri Captain
3 DEF Ricardo Altamirano
17 WITH Gustavo Zapata
5 WITH Fernando Redondo Came out at 69 minutes 69′
10 WITH Diego Simeone
21 WITH Leonardo Rodriguez Came out at 54 minutes 54′
18 OF THE Ramon Medina Bello
9 OF THE Gabriel Batistuta
DT Argentina Alfio Basile
1 BY Oscar Cordoba
4 DEF Luis Fernando Herrera placeholder image
15 DEF Luis Carlos Perea
3 DEF Alexis Mendoza
20 DEF Wilson perez
14 WITH Leonel Alvarez
8 WITH Gabriel Jaime Gomez
19 WITH Freddy Rincon
10 WITH Carlos Valderrama Captain
11 OF THE Faustino Asprilla
13 OF THE Adolfo Valencia
DT Colombia Francisco Maturana
OF THE Claudio Garcia He entered the 54 minutes 54′
OF THE Alberto Acosta placeholder image He entered the 69 minutes 69′
Soccerball.svg 41′ Freddy Rincon 0-1
Soccerball.svg 49′ Faustino Asprilla 0-2
Soccerball.svg 72′ Freddy Rincon 0-3
Soccerball.svg 74′ Faustino Asprilla 0-4
Soccerball.svg 84′ Adolfo Valencia 0-5
Referee Uruguay flag Ernesto Filippi
Assistant referees Uruguay flag Pedro Risso
Uruguay flag Juan Kerekes
Fourth official Uruguay flag Saúl Feldman
Observers referees Bolivian flag Guido Loayza
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