E-sports in Venezuela, keep growing

E-sports in Venezuela, keep growing
E-Sports are on the rise in Venezuela. PHOTO; Brand

E-sports are a discipline that no longer goes unnoticed or unknown. Before the pandemic, entire venues were filled with people eager to see LOL championships, Provided or FIFA. E-sports teams are true audience leaders, a market niche that moves a lot of money and hobbies.

In fact, on the main sports websites such as william hill They are an authentic reference for the amateur, who has understood and enjoyed the great excitement of electronic sports.

España, The United States or Japan have known how to give great visibility to this sport, being the reference for other countries such as Venezuela, where E-sports are growing more and more becoming a very interesting and followed modality.

The new scenario that the pandemic has offered has stimulated the digital environment and it is in this environment where Venezuela has begun to see in E-sports a discipline that can be of great value.

In fact, the Venezuelan Federation of Electronic Sports is more than a reality, a complete enclave where the best players can be part of teams and participate in the main E-sports tournaments that are disputed.

Games as legendary as League of Legends, Defense of Ancientys2 or Starcraft are part of the offer in which one can compete and be part of a professional E-Sports team.

And of course, FIFA is another of the great games in the Venezuelan team, it is also preparing to give out in the next events of this game that has beaten all kinds of remains.

The name of Venezuela is ringing more and more in electronic sports, it is about, as has happened in other countries, in a matter of time and to increasingly professionalize this discipline.

Once the Covid situation clears up, the world of electronic sports will once again roll with much more force where events and championships will become more viral and experiences can be shared with other countries and teams.

This is one of the great advantages of E-Sports, its dynamic character and the harmony and philosophy between the teams is a basic fact for growth. The academies and performance center are a main part for the development of esports to be a success.

The professionalization of E-sports is one of the key elements so that the trend continues to rise and the teams are much better prepared. It should be noted that many electronic sports players maintain physical and mental training routines like any other athlete.

E-sports are growing and Venezuela has arrived at the right time to catch this wave and surf successfully in this great sporting discipline.

It can be said that a good future is foreseen for E-sports in Venezuela as the foundations are being laid to create an effective organizational and functional structure that can knock on the door of the great electronic sports competitions that are held all over the world..

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