History and interesting questions about the most famous sports

Historia y cuestiones interesantes sobre los deportes más famosos
Do you really know everything you need to know about the most famous sports?

Last update 18 June, 2019 por Alberto Llopis

One of the most popular sports and television viewings, radio and the Internet, It is definitely football, only followed closely by basketball. This is due to the great dynamic that provide these sports, especially when retransmitted. And they do not get bored at any time, unlike what can happen with other, they can become really tedious and boring to watch.

Do you really know the origin of football?

Football is a sport with a long history, but most people are unaware of such details as who is the inventor of football, That is why it is interesting, at the same time convenient, clarify these details that may be of interest to many people. Resolving the above issue, It said the official birth was in the nineteenth century, 'Hand sports associations in the Freemason's Tavern, Great Queen in London.

Basically it was a union between rugby and football, to finish basing one of the oldest associations in the world, which it is the Football Association of England, nothing less. As we can see, It is a sport with a great track record, probably why it has become so important, because it takes us centuries.

Although it is also certain that long before the sport was practiced and, in fact, in the area of ​​Asia (China and Japan) you have information on a kind of variant called Kemari, though it was more a ceremony. but basically, it was to keep a ball in the air, and they went by the different players.

By this we mean, It's already from time immemorial He practiced football or something very similar to how we understand today the sport. The good thing about this sport, it is that makes families, friends, grandparents, acquaintances, neighbors, etc…, all they come together to see about television games favorite teams, and this is something you do not get other sports, surely this is his magic.

Basketball is another sport world-renowned

Ahora bien, It should be noted that basketball is another great sport, they have hundreds of thousands of followers, as well as people who practice every day. And as it happens with football, also it has a origin and history of basketball it is also of interest, y por lo tanto, It is useful to know a little more about it. Only then you can understand the great impact it has today internationally, although it is true that mostly occurs in North America.

It is also a sport XIX century, although it appeared a few years after football, and he invented nothing less than a Canadian priest. In fact, sport thanks to extended he moved to Massachusetts professor, and because of the great cold it is in this region, basketball came as alternative for sports indoors installations. Simple as was its origin, so that spread like wildfire, Thanks to the versatility that has in itself this sport.

Its creator established a basic rules, in fact, many of them have lasted until today; others have disappeared or have been modified over time. But since its inception, It has been a complex sport with strict rules, but this is normal, to prevent a computer to abuse on the other by physical issues, por ejemplo. The establishment of standards was how to balance the scales en general, and get a clean sport, elegant and fun to watch.

Por lo tanto, just like football, its essence lies in the fact that are dynamic sports, able to adapt to different situations, personas, equipment, training camp and so on. A su vez, They are enjoyable to enjoy, so people have fun whether you practice, or simply go to see.


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