The role of technology in sport: how it is used to improve performance and security

The role of technology in sport: how it is used to improve performance and security
Technology is an important part of modern sport.

We hear more and more contributions from technology in society and in this case, sport is no exception. Currently, the valuable contribution of technology in the various sports disciplines is more valued. We hear about technological innovations that have been adapted to football, basket, tennis, among many other sports and that have helped to improve performance or that can also help prevent injuries.

In this special article, gracias a LaTribet Ecuador, we tell you about the role of technology in sport and how it is used to improve performance and safety.

The advantages of technology in the athlete

  • Take care of the athlete: new technologies arrived to prevent and protect the health of the athlete. Con ello, wear due to overexertion that could cause serious injuries will be avoided. Pero no solo eso, since they will also help an athlete's recovery to be in a better time. There is electrostimulation technology in which an athlete can work on certain muscle groups, without dent in some muscles in which the athlete cannot make efforts due to injury.
  • Helps the referee to make fairer decisions: ya van 2 World Cups in which VAR has been present, proving that technology is here to stay. the VAR, por ejemplo, minimizes the margins of error in arbitration shortlists, providing information at various camera angles and with the speed managed so that decisions are increasingly accurate. The eye of the hawk in tennis is another sign that technology is being highly considered in sports. The basketball? It is also used for arbitration decisions with controversy.
  • You will have a historical data: the technology to collect data is simply wonderful. We will have at our disposal accurate training and performance data, where we can emphasize a certain category that we want to improve. De esta manera, por ejemplo, If we want to lose calories, the trainer will need to help us with a cardio routine or similar.
  • your performance will be better: there are many ways to use technology to our advantage. From shirts with heat resistant technology or hyperbaric chambers that are responsible for simulating altitude conditions, as if you were in a city in the mountains. All this will help us to make our conditions at the time of our final test more optimal.

Some technologies used in sport: how it is used to improve performance and security

  • thermography. With this technology we will be able to evaluate the surface temperature of athletes. Its main mission is to supervise rehabilitation treatments and may even help prevent severe injuries that could take longer than they should.. Well with this technology, we will be one step further and the athlete will have a better idea of ​​his body.
  • Applications in sport. You who are reading this note and practice sports, surely you have a smartphone at your disposal. Well then, If you have it, you will already know about the many apps that can keep track of the main indicators. For example if we practice "running", the data of the distance traveled, the journey, the calories consumed, These are just some of the data available to you..
  • nanotechnology. Does this name sound complicated?, truth? in essence, systems at the nanometer scale are widely applied in sports. Por ejemplo, for the manufacture of golf balls, in which we need the ball not to deviate too much from its trajectory, in swimsuits for swimming or on surfboards so that they are lighter and more dynamic when practicing this sport.


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