How to plan a soccer training session?

¿Cómo planificar una sesión de entrenamiento de fútbol?
How to plan a soccer training?

Last update 25 January, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

Sport is one of the most important disciplines to feel healthy. We all know that maintaining a balanced diet and combining it with physical exercise, are some key aspects to be healthy and look good physically. Within the sports world, we have the opportunity to choose between multiple disciplines to suit each person. Basket, rugby or soccer are some of them, but without any doubt, soccer is the king of sports. Thus, a good idea is plan training sessions as sports coach in soccer, that will allow us to design them so that amateur players can improve their technical skills and know the importance of correct training planning.

The soccer training session will combine different types of sessions

Soccer training sessions are a fundamental part of achieving goals. For this reason, they must be delved into through a deep analysis not only of the techniques that we will carry out, but also the individual status of each player, both physically and emotionally. In each of the sessions, techniques and skills will be enhanced to be able to demonstrate on the field of play and thus, get victory.

However, physical preparation is more important in training sessions. To make it optimal, different exercises will be performed to make it more complete. The first thing we must study is the current state of the equipment, as well as the status of each player. Not everyone plays the same, nor do they have the same skills, so each of them will require more specific training to improve their overall technique.

Regarding the typology of training sessions, we find first recognition sessions. They consist of knowing the level of the team and it is advisable to do so at the time the season begins, in order to set goals. On the other hand, Drills will be established to develop the skills of each player at a technical level. In these cases, it is best to put it into practice, organizing small group soccer games in which they can demonstrate their technique on the playing field.

In case our players are more experienced and have a more professional skill, the best is the competition. In these types of sessions, get players to expand their performance and analyze that of their competitors. It is a fundamental aspect so that in matches they can overcome them, anticipating said performance.

In football it is crucial that players have resistance during the 90 minutes of the game. In preparation sessions, we will be able to increase it and also, we can focus the exercises on recovering it through different techniques. Previously, We have mentioned that it is important to get to know each of the players thoroughly so that the exercises are adjusted to their needs and abilities. In this case, specific sessions are useful in case they have injuries or better master certain skills.

So that players do not associate training with something boring, it is important to combine sessions with games. That is to say, In this sense, we find the possibility of including games that go beyond the classic football match, where creativity will be a vital tool. Thus, they will be able to train without realizing it while enjoying themselves and without laziness being an impediment.

Warming up is one of the most important parts of training

When doing any type of exercise, warming up is relevant not only to prepare ourselves physically, but also to avoid injuries that prevent us from continuing to train. This first step It usually has a duration of between the 10 and the 20 minutes maximum and will help activate the physical and cognitive part of the players. In this case, aerobic exercises can be included, stretching or individual runs.

Once done, the main training will begin. In it, resistance will be worked, flexibility, team work, dribbling exercises, one-on-one duels, techniques to improve corners, throwing the ball on fouls from different angles or penalties, among others. Once finished, We must make the players aware of the importance of resting well and eating a good diet.

As for the materials What we will need to delve into the players' techniques, we can find the balls, cones to delimit the circuits that the players must make or flags to assign the goals. In addition to it, Hoops can also be used for players to enhance their agility.

With all this set of training sessions, we will make the objectives easier to achieve. Now is the time to apply theory to practice and teach players all the tools so that they can perform on the playing field and achieve victory through good physical preparation..

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