How should soccer training sessions be from home??

How should soccer training sessions be from home??
How should soccer training sessions be from home??

Training sessions stand out as a constant habit in the life of any high-ranking footballer. Regular exercise is an activity of great importance that allows the player to improve their physical condition and be able to demonstrate their full potential in highly demanding situations..

Soccer is a highly demanding sport that is characterized by keeping the players in constant motion throughout the game. In fact, the distances that a footballer travels on the playing field become 9 a 12 km in a single match, varying their movements in a space of 20 metros.

For this reason, keep the body in optimal performance and stay focused on the game, despite physical wear, it is a goal that can be achieved through training.

Influence of the pandemic on training

Due to confinement and social distancing, all soccer players experienced a period of inactivity in the academies and clubs to which they belong. In this sense, the need of footballers to maintain their physical condition was the main reason that has motivated many athletes to carry out their workouts from home.

For this stage, fitness equipment has taken on a fundamental role, since they allow to carry out different types of routines and exercises without the need to leave the house. Among the types of exercise machines that have experienced the highest demand in the last year are treadmills.

It is a very useful household equipment due to its ability to maintain and strengthen the body's resistance. Definitely, when doing cardio exercises at home, the first unknown that arises is where to buy treadmills that allow to ensure a correct physical training.

To make this type of purchase, the option of many is to go to the Internet. At present, There are a massive number of web pages that make it much easier to buy the best machines to exercise from home.

How to train endurance at home?

It is important to know all aspects of training on the field of play to adapt them to homes. One of the issues a player has to focus on the most, are the cardiovascular exercises that will maintain your physical capabilities.

Cardio plays an important role in soccer training, due to the constant mobility to which the players are in a match. This way, The sessions must have sprints and trots that will approach the energy demands that are expended in the matches.

Interval training will be essential, where the exercises must be of short duration but of great intensity. This type of exercise improves performance and provides greater agility on the playing field..

The best exercises for soccer training

There are a myriad of physical exercises to implement in training sessions. Despite this, there are certain essential practices that are always present in any routine.

  • Warm-up sessions

It is the first step to achieve muscle activation that will allow the body to withstand high demands without suffering any injury. To start the warm-up, stretching exercises should be applied first to continue mobility exercises.

  • Cardiovascular exersise

With the body in optimal condition, it will be possible to perform highly demanding exercises such as sprints.. After a period of jogging, exercises such as Fartlek will be convenient to increase the intensity of the training. Here, the player stays in a trot until at a certain point he sprints in different directions.

  • Weight exercises

Loading exercises are quite common for soccer players, where a certain day a week the training is dedicated to strengthening and muscle growth. Squats with weight are quite common exercises that allow a greater development of the player's lower body..

These are some of the best exercises that should be part of any soccer training. Through these activities, there is the possibility of improving the physical conditions of each player and their performance with the ball on the pitch.

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