Who is the best player in the world in 2013?

¿Quién es el mejor jugador del mundo en 2013?

Last update 1 August, 2013 por Alberto Llopis

El mejor jugador del mundo. Who? where do you play? In his day, Skin, Maradona, Cruyff or Di Stefano marked an era in the world of football. Their skills with the ball made them be proclaimed by a large majority the best player of that moment. Sin embargo, today this honorary title is not so clear no matter how much it is believed. In Colgados for Football we launch our proposal:

1- Leo Messi: 3 European Cups and 4 Golden Balls could make you think that he is the best in the world without discussion. His speed throws rivals off balance and his hunger and scoring voracity is increasing campaign after campaign until he breaks the most unexpected records. Sin embargo, There are shadows in the Argentine star. With his national team, he has not just imposed his hierarchy and Argentina is unable to do a good job in his international tournaments beyond the Beijing Olympics 2008. This suggests that if he stands out at Barcelona it is partly because he has a team full of quality that turns to him. Además, many criticize him for being too selfish with the ball at his feet. Either way, we are talking about one of the greats.

2- Cristiano Ronaldo: a single Champions League with Manchester United and a single Ballon d'Or. In the shadow of Messi, seems to have the role of second in this classification. There are reasons to think about it. He doesn't win as much as Leo in sporting terms and his scoring ability, even though devastating and bestial, is one point below that of the South American. En cambio, he is a physical marvel who throws free kicks well, runs excellently on the counterattack with a devilish speed, It goes well head. En definitiva, one of a kind.

3- Neymar: without yet passing great demands in his new club, the Barcelona, the Brazilian has left samples of his category in Brazil with impressive long-distance goals where he left more than half the rival team sitting. Very young, his margin of progression is remarkable, what makes you win integers for the future. In Europe, where he will have to show a little more scoring voracity, It will be defined what kind of footballer Neymar is.

4- Andrés Iniesta: a genius with feet. modest and quiet, It is precisely that introverted character that makes him not have won any Ballon d'Or at this point, although he is the only one of the candidates to have the glory of having scored a goal worth a World Cup. Very powerful at the start, versatile, excellent dribbler, taking the ball away from him is simply impossible no matter how many rivals come his way. a single but, he lacks a little goal, even though his scores are usually of tremendous importance.

Iniesta recordó a Garrincha en la Eurocopa 2012 en su partido contra Italia.
Iniesta reminded Garrincha in Euro 2012 in their match against Italy.

5- Gareth Bale: lateral, interior, extremo, midfielder or false nine. The feeling of the moment. England Player of the Year. A very fast and strong physical wonder with a lot of goals. A constant danger that does the work of two companions. Playing with him is playing with 12. That is, precisely his great argument. Possibly, the most expensive transfer in football history.

6- Franck Ribery: Bayern's treble consecrates him on this list and makes him the big favorite for the next Ballon d'Or. The French is pure speed down the wing, but also dribble, desborde, goal and pass. a great genius.

7- Xavi Hernández: It is no longer the same as in other years but it is still the cornerstone of the Spanish team and Barcelona. The axis on which everything turns. Pass, move the ball, organiza, the essence of tiqui-taca.

8- Zlatan Ibrahimovic: where does triumph go. A footballer with an apathetic and clumsy appearance but who confuses. He is a teacher with the ball at his feet with a lot of goals, an enormous power in his right leg that makes him deadly in fouls and penalties and a standard in all the great teams he has been.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic es uno de los mejores delanteros del mundo.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers in the world.

9- Sergio Ramos: the list necessarily includes a centre-back who is in his prime. Ramos takes the ball well, it goes great on top, he defends strongly and is fast, very fast. And if that was not enough, it is easy to see the door.

10- Robbie Van Persie: maybe Wayne Rooney could be, Andrea Pirlo, or David Silva or Hulk. are you going to know, but the fact is that the tenth position is given to a Dutchman who has been very regular in recent years. A tulip that is the Golden Boot of the last two editions of a league as powerful as the Premier.

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  1. si,I think they are good but they are not even up to Maradona's heels,Skin, etc

  2. without hesitation messies the best player in the world if anyone doubts it let him see how he handles the ball

  3. If you doubt it, Mesis is the best in the world with a lot of titles, he only lacks a World Cup and in it 2014 I was going to get it in Brazil

  4. While the merenges see cr7 as the best,the rest of the world knows that without ribal he is messi and the second best iniesta

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