Sevilla Classic successful entrepreneur in the world of gastronomy

Sevilla Classic successful entrepreneur in the world of gastronomy
Escudé and his wife and partner, Carolina Ruiz. Footballer to restaurateur. Photo:

In Colgados already we talked to several players who had undertaken very distant ways of the world of football as the  former footballer who became a firefighter , those who undertook a journey into the world of the song, those who devoted themselves out in films O which ended up as currantes as all my neighbors. Today we bring a new case of recycled footballer, the French Julien Escudé, a classic of Sevilla where he played 6 years, now reconverted a successful entrepreneur in the world of gastronomy.

In 2015, Julien Escude opened Carolina Ruiz with his wife and partner, restaurant called SQD(stands the central wore on his jersey Sevilla), Carnivorous offer a concept especializadoen. A few months ago this curious pair of entrepreneurs took a new step with the opening of BB Bistro, located minutes from their other restaurant with a distinct business concept last. An idea that seems to be smooth sailing for the former Sevilla player among others.

Undoubtedly another case of player who decides to invest its resources in other business away from the ball and is that not all decide to continue linked to the world of football to finish his football career and hang up his boots. Btw its restaurants are in Madrid and for sure are visited by many former colleagues.

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