Undefeated teams with more games

Undefeated teams with more games
AC Milan went undefeated between 1991 Y 1993. PHOTO: Soccer-Lab.com

What are the teams with the most matches unbeaten? One of the records that are most often taken into account when talking about the hegemony of a country or team is that of the number of matches undefeated. Great players, a lubrication system or simply a combination of these two factors with lady luck sometimes cause certain sets have an aura of invincible.

Thus, in Hanging by the Football, Today we present the teams with more games unbeaten. For it, we will make a division between teams and teams and differentiate the teams that won the unbeaten run only playing at home. I must say that the list is led by lower league teams since the competition is less, but still it highlights some set of big league. Come and see:

Undefeated teams with more games:

– ASEC of Ivory Coast It has a world record for unbeaten league matches 108 parties from 1989 until the 19 June 1994 when he fell against the Société Omnisports de l'Armee Yamoussoukro (2-1). unknown team, but nevertheless, it's been great ivory figures of recent decades as Touré, Cissé or Romaric.

– He Steaua Bucarest He achieved this great record over the years 80, in the gold club stage under orders Emerich Jenei and Anghel Iordănescu. Champion European Cup season 1985/86, semifinalist in editing 1987/88 and runner-up in the 1988/89, Steaua marked an era in the hands of players like Miodrag Belodedici, László Bölöni, Marius Lacatus, Victor Piţurcă y Gabriel Balint. They chained five consecutive titles until they defeated FC Dinamo Bucureşti in the course 1989/90. He was undefeated 106 games in the league, since 1986 until 1989. But nevertheless, the shadowy figure that many parties could be rigged for being the favorite team of the socialist regime of the time.

– Tunisian Espérance holds a very important streak 85 matches, amazing for a completely unknown team and comes from a country with little footballing tradition well into the years 90.

– Talleres de Córdoba He was undefeated 66 matches between 1972 Y 1974 constituting a milestone in the history of Argentine football. All thanks to a lively game led by Adolfo Pedernera, one of the creators of the machine River.

– El FC Sheriff he was 63 undefeated matches between 2006 Y 2008. The team of Tiráspol dominated Moldovan football with an iron fist and won ten titles in a row between 2001 Y 2010. Its climax came with the Belarusian Leonid Kuchuk on the bench, when in season 2006/07 She became the first team won the title without losing any shock. Great rival, He FC Zimbru Chisinau, He ended his streak in March 2008, Although the Sheriff returned to win the title. The FC Sheriff rose to fame in 2021 after qualifying for the Champions League group stage nothing more and nothing less.

Celtic Glasgow Scotland and dominated dominates in many sections. Under orders from his head coach Willie Maley, Celtic set a record in UK 62 games unbeaten from November 1915 and April 1917 (including two games in one day against Raith Rovers FC and Motherwell FC). Patsy Gallagher y Jimmy ‘Napoleon’ McMenemy were the stars of a team which also highlighted Alec 'The Icicle’ McNair, who still holds the record for most appearances in the club (604).

Without constituting record should be noted that in the heyday of AC Milan with Van Basten, Guillit and company and Fabio Capello taking over from Arrigo Sacchi the rossonero team was on the bench 58 match unbeaten, since 1991 until 1993. Something similar to Benfica, that linked the 76 al 78 three courses in which he added 56 matches without defeat.

more games unbeaten team
AC Milan was an unbeatable team between 1991 Y 1993. PHOTO: Wikipedia

More undefeated teams with home games:

1- Real Madrid, Spain: 121 matches: I must say that Jose Mourinho accumulated a total of 150 undefeated matches between Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid until he gave streak at the Bernabeu against Sporting Gijon Manolo Preciado.

2- Red Star Belgrade, Serbia: 96 matches.

3- PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands: 93 matches.

4- FC Nantes, France: 92 matches.

5- Cobreloa, Chile: 91 matches.

Teams with the most matches in a row without losing:

Italy: 37 matches without losing (10/09/2018-06/10/2021). It was precisely Spain who ended the unbeaten defeat of Mancini's Italy by beating him 1-2 in Milan in the semifinals of the Nations League. Until then, the Italians were 3 undefeated years (with a few months of hiatus due to the pandemic issue of 2020) and winning the Euro 2020 celebrated in 2021 through the middle.

Spain: 35 matches (07/02/2007 – 24/06/2009). Aragones was Spain who won the Euro 2008 and he fell with the USA in the semifinals of the Confederations Cup 2009 and Vicente De Forest on the bench.

Brazil: 34 matches (16/13/1993 – 21/01/1996). It was the canarinha of Romario, Bebeto, Cafu and Ronaldo who won the World USA 94.

Argentina: 31 matches (19/02/1991 – 05/09/1993). Maradona, Caniggia and company had a long run of games without defeat until Colombia swept them 0-5 in the Monumental de River.

Hungary: 30 matches (04/06/1950 – 04/07/1954). “The team gold” goleaba at every step by a football pitch. Germany, Wembley, Uruguay, Brazil, practically all fell into a team where Puskas put the shot. But nevertheless, the 4 July 1954 there was a miracle, the Berne that ended the Hungarian defeat in the final of the Swiss world against Germany 2-3.

France: 30 matches (16/02/1994 – 09/11/1996). Curiosa France unable to qualify for the World USA and four years later won its World. In the early Thuram, Desailly, Blanc Zidane or left to remember 30 matches without defeat.

with more undefeated teams
The Spanish team set a record unbeaten between 2008 Y 2009. PHOTO: The world

Argentina: 30 matches (06/07/2019-Present). Scaloni's Argentina or known as the 'Scaloneta'’ Scaloni's Argentina or known as the 'Scaloneta' 1 Scaloni's Argentina or known as the 'Scaloneta' 1991 Y 1993 accumulated 31 matches without losing. Scaloni's Argentina or known as the 'Scaloneta'.

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