The biggest stadiums in Argentina

Los estadios más grandes de Argentina
the monumental stadium, River's house, It is the largest soccer coliseum in Argentina. PHOTO:

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Which are the biggest stadiums in Argentina? In the beautiful South American country football it is a religion more than a question of sport. That's why, their stadiums and hobbies are often among the most courageous in the world. Authentic temples where hobbies come to express their passion but sometimes, over which we would all like, incidents that do not fit in a sports stadium or anywhere occur. Famous are the Brave Bars that usually populate its stands.

The vast majority of Argentine coliseums are condensed in Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area where we can find more than 20 stadiums that exceed 20.000-25.000 localities which make it al soccer city. Another thing is the state in which they are since many of them have never been reformed or fixed.

We review the soccer temples that have the most capacity in the beautiful South American country.

The five largest stadiums in Argentina

1-Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti (River Plate, Buenos Aires, 60.000 spectators)

El Monumental de River, fútbol en estado puro
The Monumental de River, pure football

2-Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium (Belgrano and Talleres, Córdoba, 57.000 spectators)

El estadio Mario Alberto Kempes en Córdoba, Argentina.
Alberto Kempes stadium in Cordoba Mario, Argentina.

3-Estadio Ciudad de La Plata (Students and Gymnastics, At payment, Buenos Aires province, 53.000 spectators)

Estadio Ciudad de la Plata.
Estadio Ciudad de La Plata.

4-President Perón Stadium “The Cylinder” (Racing Avellaneda, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, 51.389 spectators)

Espectacular imagen del Cilindro de Avellaneda.
Cylinder spectacular image of Avellaneda.

5-Alberto Jacinto Armando Stadium “The Bombonera” (Boca Juniors, Buenos Aires, 50.000 spectators)

La Bombonera un templo del fútbol.
La Bombonera a temple of football. PHOTO: Boca Juniors

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