The best hobbies in Colombia

The best hobbies in Colombia
What are the best soccer fans in Colombia?? PHOTO:

Which are the best hobbies in Colombia? ¿Quién es the best fans in Colombia? Which the most popular team in Colombia? Answer these questions, It is not an easy task at all but we are going to try to explain it in this article..

In Colgados we have told you about the best football fans in the world, Sudamérica, Spain, Argentina, Mexico…and as, we could not forget the coffee country, where football also lives with a special intensity, like practically all of Latin America, as more than merely sporting matter. And the Colombian stadiums also look a special color.

Video: The best hobbies in Colombia

Which are the biggest fans in Colombia? Which the biggest fans in Medellín? And those of Bogotá and Cali? As in each list is done, the order or the members are always quite subjective so as usual, it will be impossible to agree as each, especially the fans of the teams involved, They consider that your team, It is definitely the best fans or fans of country. As it never rains Like No One, We show you in a video the ones that are for us the best hobbies in Colombia. ¡Echa un vistazo!

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