The ten worst hobbies Mexico

The ten worst hobbies Mexico
What are the worst hobbies Mexico? PHOTO:

What are the worst hobbies Mexico? On Hanged, we've talked about best interests and what team are they the most hated in Mexico. That's why, Now we want to talk about those that are the least good or the least loved.

Who are considered the worst hobbies in Mexico?

like in all countries, in Mexico there are sports hobbies that are considered the worst for their behavior inside and outside the stadium. These hobbies are often famous for their violence, vandalism and other inappropriate behavior.

It is important to mention that not all people who are part of these hobbies have inappropriate behaviors, and that these acts are committed by a small part of them that unfortunately, they make too much noise. However, It is important to report these behaviors to eradicate violence and hatred in sports.

However, it is necessary that the authorities and sports clubs take measures to eradicate these violent and discriminatory behaviors, through awareness campaigns, sanctions and security measures in stadiums. It is also important that fans take responsibility for their own conduct and report those who commit violent or discriminatory acts..

How to make a list of this kind is always subjective, complicated and controversial, We asked our readers (especially mexicans), who are they to them the worst fans in Mexico.

What are the worst hobbies Mexico?

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