The best players in the history of Atletico Madrid

The best players in the history of Atletico Madrid
The best footballers in the history of Atlético de Madrid

Who are the best players in the history of Atlético de Madrid? The mattress club as the Madrid team is known, It is one of the historical greats of Spanish football and one of the biggest teams in Europe. for their ranks, Great players have passed through, although he has also had some the worst transfers in history.

Por ello, We are going to try to remember some of the best footballers who have ever worn the red and white elastic.

The best players in the history of Atletico Madrid

The best Atlético de Madrid players are a select group of footballers who have left their mark on the club's history. Since its founding in 1903, Atlético de Madrid has had some of the most talented and successful players in Spanish and international football.

One of them is Luis Aragones, who was not only a great team player in the years 60-70, but also a successful coach.

Another iconic Atlético de Madrid player is José Eulogio Garate, conocido como “We are”. Garate is considered one of the best forwards to have worn the Atlético de Madrid shirt, and his figure has become a symbol of the team. Garate scored 132 goles en 303 games with Atletico Madrid, and was also part of the team that won the 3 Suspenders, 2 Cups and an Intercontinental Cup.

It is also impossible to talk about the historical players of Atlético de Madrid without mentioning Adelard Rodriguez, who is one of the players with the most games in the history of Atlético. Adelardo was 17 seasons at Atlético where he played 553 games and scored 113 goals in official matches.

Another player who left his mark on the history of Atlético de Madrid is Paulo Futre, a Portuguese winger who played for the team in the 1990s 80 and also of the 90. Futre delighted mattress fans with his ability to dribble and overwhelm defenders, which made him one of the fans' favorites. Played in 2 stages and left the Copa del Rey won against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu in 1992 where he also left for the memory the mythical story of Pizo Gómez and the harangue of Luis Aragonés.

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