February 27, 2021
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    ay, how funny… A match!!! that's what Kosecki had, the comeback of the three of Romario and STOP COUNTING. The Pole was a trotter, a headless chicken that ran and ran and didn't do shit. Bad like him only, people wanted to see a Polish Futre and they looked like an egg to a chestnut. Kosecki was that, a chestnut. An acceptable player for the team he came from, the Osasuna, but in Atleti it was a PUFO.

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    Good is never easy hit, They not all fit as expected with the team, worth a whole for some players

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    Manuel Ocaña Luque

    Roman Kosecki??? remembers and sees the party 5 – 4 al barsa, Dear…..of pufo nothing…….He gave his time playing here…….and reproaching his private life?? He gave the callus when playing, the same as Penev…………….

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    Jackson Martínez and Cerci missing from this list

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    You can not put Luis Garcia , scoring 17 goals in 29 matches, It is so far, the best debut of a Mexican soccer league in Spain (above Hugol). The following season low productivity (11, more than those who did Niño Torres last season), in addition to marked differences with the leadership of the club, It was loaned to Real Sociedad… There is some research.

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      You have every reason victor,They have gotten a lot of players,,one that you mentioned,,,that pufos, nothing at all

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