The worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid

The worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid
Alessio Cerci, one of the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid PHOTO: Brand

Who are the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid? In Colgados for football today you want to bring some of the worst players in the history of the club colchonero. The colchonero team is certainly one of the greats of Spain historical, one of the most traditional teams. With loyal fans, habituated to fill the Vicente Calderón and now Wanda Metropolitano , He has had great players in their ranks but also great horrors especially among the last decades of the twentieth century and the first of the XXI century. We propose here…

The worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid

Lawal, Limamou Mbengue, Maximiliano de Oliveira and Bernardo Matias Djana

The first of this list come in pack, as they were booked for Jesus Gil who said he paid 2700 million pesetas for these four players booked almost youthful age and that some of them were no players. A pufo that came to light during the judicial intervention suffered by the club. This fraud was appointed by the competent authorities as “negritos case” and only one, Lawal got to play in the subsidiary Atletico but none of them visited the first team shirt.

Council Bogdanovic

In 1997 Atletico she paid 2900 million pesetas for a player who had played in leagues in Korea and Japan. After 14 parties and 6 months checking that if some goals, He went on loan being a ruinous signing for the club. A true sports and economic pufo as was also demonstrated during the operation had cost the player 17 times its real price. A shameful case you already speak some time ago in Colgados.

Rade Bogdanovic cost 2900 million pesetas and played 14 matches.
Rade Bogdanovic cost 2900 million pesetas and played 14 matches. PHOTO: As

Mateja Kežman

In the season 2005/06, Atletico Madrid he invested 6 million euros in signing the player who was known by the numbers scorer had especially in Netherlands. Finally things went wrong and the only thing left to remember heel was a goal to Real Madrid.

Pato Sosa

Pato Sosa Uruguay began with very bad standing in his presentation as Atletico Madrid player when he fell from giving ass touches of rigor for photo. This, It was a clear indication of what was to be his stay at Atletico. The player, He happened with more pain than glory with the Atleti zamarra. We also talked about it in an article.

Serge Maguy

During the long time of Jesus Gil Atletico combined good time as eccentric as almost casposos. On the issue of the signings he was not short. For this player, It was signed personally by Gil of a team called Africa Sports under the premise that it was a rough diamond he had seen in two videos. A story worth reading.

Gerhard Rodax

The Austrian came to Atletico Madrid as Silver Boot after a great season. Jesus Gil, I always put on these issues, He decided to make an effort this player who was drafted by the late colchoneros 80. your contribution 9 He was something insifuciente goals for a player who had come with the prestige of being a proven goalscorer. Yearlong.

Rodax failed at Atletico.
Rodax failed at Atletico.

Leonel Pilipauskas

This lateral Uruguay He came to Atletico Madrid in the summer of 1999 and it was part of the team that finished descending to Second at the end of that season, the 1999/00. He played four games all season and Atletico lost four so he left the colchonera discipline without winning any game wearing that shirt.

Richard Nuñez

Uruguay won the Swiss football where he scored many goals. But nevertheless, with his arrival at Atletico was to discover that the Swiss football and Spanish, have little, little to do. The result, a failure. Juice 11 matches, leaving almost all from the bench and not proving to be nothing special. Another of the worst signings of Atlético de Madrid.

Carlos Gamarra

Paraguay was one of the bulwarks of his selection in the World Cup in France 98. This, He gave a certain cachet that made Atletico Madrid paid one season after a good figure for the transfer of a player who also be part of the team in decline 2000.

Dani Carvalho

Portugal was one of those young hopefuls who excelled in the time Ajax. Finally, he joined Atletico in the 2000 to be not only the centerpiece of the club in second but the future of Atletico. In the end none of that, his step was so discreet that many do not remember him.

Kiki Musampa

He joined Atletico in 2003 backed by some good years at Ajax, French football and especially in Málaga. But it seems that the curse of the red and white shirt of the time also was fattened with him and his performance was nil. He contributed nothing remarkable in the club's history.

Kiki Musampa did nothing noteworthy at Atletico Madrid.
Kiki Musampa did nothing noteworthy at Atletico Madrid.

Hugo Leal

The “Portuguese Schuster” as it was called when the midfielder Atletico Madrid llegóa way back 1999, it was one of the promises of world football. His went through the mattress was inconsequential club and his signing, one more time that they were not at all clear.


In a fit of those who gave Jesus Gil, the colchonero president decided to sign a lad called juvenile age Patri who became the world's highest-paid youth. It was in 1989 and Gil put a salary 15 million pesetas were many millions for a guy who just had 16 years at that time. He never made his debut in the first team and had a transcendent race because despite playing in the quarry of Barcelona and Sevilla's first team in Second, He never made debut in First. Those things that had Gil…

Valencia train

Colombian striker was one of the best players of his country in his generation. International, FIFA World Cup and one of the stars of Colombia, He played at Bayern Munich until Atletico took his services as a star player. Finally crashed and turned the stiff with Gil had even threatened to release him Fury, her black crocodile and calling him which left a curious press conference with the president talking about an Englishman in the style of Ana Botella.

Roman Kosecki

Osasuna was one of the best players in the league. He was stepping Madrid and become a real pufo. Two years that did nothing remarkable and two disastrous seasons the team that came to fight not to lose. It looks like, It was so regular at nightclubs in Madrid that more than once the same Gil had to intervene to get him out of some of them and save it from some other mess.

Jackson Martínez

Atletico Madrid he disbursed 35 million euros by the Colombian who had excelled in Portuguese football. It lasted only 6 Atletico months but the mattress made a sweet deal with it. They managed to sell it for more money to Chinese football where he eventually depreciate.

the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid
Jackson Martínez cost 35 Atletico million. Hard 6 months, he went to China, He was without a club and returned to Portuguese football. Photo:


Other authentic pufos Atletico Madrid: Cerci, Venturin, Torrisi, Chamot, Jugovic, Njegus, Celso Ayala, Toni Jiménez, Benitez, Juan González, Juan Gómez, New, Diego, Moacir, Pirri Mori, Tilico, Nikolaidis, Seitaridis, Hernández, Igor Dobrowolsky, Paulino, Jorge Larena, Petrov, Andrei, Hibic…

Torrisi day presentation with Atletico.
Torrisi day presentation with Atletico.
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  1. ay, how funny… A match!!! that's what Kosecki had, the comeback of the three of Romario and STOP COUNTING. The Pole was a trotter, a headless chicken that ran and ran and didn't do shit. Bad like him only, people wanted to see a Polish Futre and they looked like an egg to a chestnut. Kosecki was that, a chestnut. An acceptable player for the team he came from, the Osasuna, but in Atleti it was a PUFO.

  2. Roman Kosecki??? remembers and sees the party 5 – 4 al barsa, Dear…..of pufo nothing…….He gave his time playing here…….and reproaching his private life?? He gave the callus when playing, the same as Penev…………….

  3. You can not put Luis Garcia , scoring 17 goals in 29 matches, It is so far, the best debut of a Mexican soccer league in Spain (above Hugol). The following season low productivity (11, more than those who did Niño Torres last season), in addition to marked differences with the leadership of the club, It was loaned to Real Sociedad… There is some research.

    1. You have every reason victor,They have gotten a lot of players,,one that you mentioned,,,that pufos, nothing at all

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