The worst defeats in the history of Spain

The worst defeats in the history of Spain

Leaving aside friendly matches doubt that the rout suffered against the Netherlands represents one of the worst in Spain in its history, but the worst is not the amount of goals conceded but by the way they occur. World champions and Europe, the “Roja” He has conceded more goals with this disaster in all World that disputed except Brazil 1950 and the United States 1994. Something also apply to the European Championships where only in Belgium and Holland conceded more goals.

He 1-5 against the Netherlands is the worst in the finals of a major championship after 6-1 conceded a 13 July 1950 in Maracana, also in a World Cup and also in Brazil. Spain, leaving no trace that a meeting from 2007, there had officially lost a game like never, except that friendly that there was another 13 June 1963 at the Santiago Bernabeu and ended with 2-6 for the selection of Scotland or the famous 1-7 against Italy at the Olympic Games 1928 and England in a friendly in 1931.

Regularity had accompanied Spain, that although he had suffered setbacks at major events, They had never been to the clarity of this occasion. However, Not everything is lost. In Germany 2006, Ukraine lost the first game by 4-0 to Spain and spent. In South Africa 2010, own “Roja” He fell against Switzerland and won the World. They already know, the thing is not how it starts, but as though just in case triple tie things look bad for the world champion.

Casillas did not have his best night.
Casillas did not have his best day but would arguably say it was the worst debut.

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