Countries that repeated the World Cup

Countries that repeated the World Cup

Throughout the XX edition of the World Cup there have been five countries that have been fortunate enough to organize the most prestigious football tournament. High-scale event involving a large outlay and a huge change in communications state that houses it as has been seen in Brazil. These are the countries that had the honor of repeating World and motives:

1-Mexico: He was the first to repeat. It hosted the tournament 1970 and subsequently he repeated in 1986. The cause of such repetition was because Colombia finally gave up organizing the event when matched due to the high requirements demanded FIFA him. With the stadiums already made and the experience of sixteen years before, everything was easier. He could never happen quarterfinal.

2- Italia: in 1934 He hosted the first tournament in Europe as an instrument to spread to the world the regime of Benito Mussolini. Italy won the championship in a very controversial way and arbitration huge aid. repitiría 56 years later with a country that bore no resemblance to interwar. Italia, so, He was a semifinalist.

Azteca Stadium watched the rise of Pele and Maradona.
Azteca Stadium watched the rise of Pele and Maradona.

3- France: in 1938 Italy was crowned champion in a France that was at the gates to be part of World War II. The thing was much better 1998 donde los “blue” They won for the first time World Cup hand,or rather of the head, de Zinedine Zidane.

4- Germany: in 1974 It was presented to the world a very different image of the new Germany to which the world had. Innovation, large stadiums, perfect organization accompanied a golden generation led by Beckenbauer won the World Clockwork Orange. Thirty-two years later, things changed and barely able to move semi-final against Italy that ultimately win the tournament.

5- Brazil: in 1950 He organized a tournament designed to raise their first World. The thing went wrong. Very bad fall at the famous Maracana to Uruguay. In 2014, the world is waiting impatiently to happen.

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