Which teams are favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar? 2022?

¿Qué equipos son favoritos para ganar el Mundial de Qatar 2022?
Which teams are the favorites to win in Qatar? 2022? FOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

Last update 10 October, 2022 por Alberto Llopis

The Qatar World Cup is just around the corner, and everyone is already making predictions to know who will be the possible winners of the XXII edition of the FIFA world cup. So much is the enthusiasm that many people have already begun to bet on the Qatar World Cup 2022 which is just over a month away from starting, el 20 de Noviembre. Por esta razón, you have been wondering a lot:

¿Which teams have a chance of winning the next World Cup??

This question is always complex to answer, because there is no certainty and there can always be a team that gives us a surprise, like the premature elimination of Germany in Russia 2018 or the brilliant performance of Colombia and Costa Rica in Brazil 2014. For this reason there is still nothing written and anything can happen, but what we can do at this precise moment is take a little look back and review some statistics of the teams during the qualifiers and in the recent friendly matches they had. Analyzing these results, the favorite teams to win the world cup this 2022 son:


The two-time world champion will try to lift the cup again this year after being runner-up in Brazil 2014 and be eliminated in the round of 16 in Russia 2018. At the end of the playoffs, the Argentines were second, solo 6 points below leader Brazil, they have also had good results in the last two friendly matches they had, defeating 3-0 to Honduras and repeating the same score against Jamaica. The Argentine team will seek to win, what it appears to be, the last World Cup as a player of his idol Lionel Messi who has already missed the title four times. Finally, the albicelestes were crowned champions of America last year, winning 1-0 to Brazil.


The five-time world champion arrives in Qatar 2022 with a fairly significant winning streak, nothing more and nothing less than, 16 unbeaten matches, de los cuales 12 there have been victories. It was the first selection of the eliminatory in the Conmebol with 45 points and the Brazilians scored 40 goals throughout their World Cup qualifying process. The statistics speak for themselves, Brazil will be one of the most difficult teams to beat in the next world cup.


The Spanish team does not have the streak of Brazil, sin embargo, He has managed to have quite solid results in the classification towards the World Cup and in the last friendly matches. He qualified directly for the World Cup with 19 points and 15 Goals Scored, in friendlies he managed to beat Portugal 1-0, but failed in the match against Switzerland, falling down 2-1. The Spanish team still has time to surprise us and manage to lift what would be their second world cup.

Países Bajos

The Dutch team does arrive in Qatar with a streak of 15 unbeaten matches, de los cuales 11 there have been victories. In qualifying for the World Cup he also managed to pass directly with 23 points and 33 Goals Scored. It is a good base to continue advancing and fight for the world cup, surely it will not be difficult for him to pass the group stage, where he will have to face Qatar, Ecuador and Senegal, it will be in the following rounds that the Netherlands will have to show all their footballing potential.

these are ours 4 favorites to lift the world cup, all these teams have had very positive results during qualifying and the last matches before the most important spectacle of football and sport in general begins, Qatar world cup 2022

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