The MLS, the League of beens

La MLS, la liga de las viejas glorias

Last update 25 July, 2014 por Alberto Llopis

During the decade of the 70 and most of the 80, the NASL, It was the soccer league in the US and the golden retirement of the great cracks of the time. As we tell you in our article “The New York Cosmos, the first galactic history”, the greats of the time like Pelé, Charles Albert, Chinaglia the Beckenbauer, they ended up playing together in the ranks of the New York team, but also players like Eusebio, Best, Cruyff or Téofilo Cubillas among others, they ended up playing in what was then the retirement league for the best players on the planet.

The NASL was canceled and the USA World Cup had to come 94 to retake a local championship in a country where Baseball, Basket or American Football, they enjoyed the full attention of the general public. Thus was born the MLS where almost forty years later the trend has not changed. US tournament shelters young American pearls, to a large part of the national team that improves year after year and above all to the old glories of the football world who arrive to finish their soccer career and incidentally, put a few handfuls of millions of dollars in your pocket.

This way of signing is not new as we have been counting. In recent years, players like David Beckham have passed but the MLS of 2015 promises much. Players like Villa and Lampard will join other old glories who were already there like Thierry Henry, Robbie Keane or Cahill and others not so old but with a long history like the former Inter, Newcastle and La Liga after passing through Levante, Obafemi Martins. Other local and overseas veterans like Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey or Michael Bradley, they will complete a luxury cast in terms of names even though on the lawn they are far from being the ones they once were. The MLS, the new NASL.

Lampard y Villa compartirán vestuario en New York.
Lampard and Villa will share changing rooms in New York.


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