Mexico could organize the World 2014 if demonstrations continue

México podría organizar el Mundial 2014 si continúan las manifestaciones
Mexico could organize the World 2014 if demonstrations continue

Last update 23 June, 2013 by Julio Muñoz

As Colgados por el Fútbol has learned, Speculation has begun that due to the intense protests that are happening in Brazil, and that have hindered the development of the Confederations Cup 2013, the world Cup 2014, scheduled to be held next summer could change lands and end up being held in Mexico and not in Brazil as initially planned.

And the unofficial information released by the media GM5, assures that the request has reached the Mexican football authorities from one of the most exclusive hotels in Rio de Janeiro in which they would have asked to prepare a file, very similar to the one called “charge book” of FIFA, given the possibility that Brazil for some reason cannot hold the World Cup.

The growing popular demonstrations and the rejection of spending on infrastructure to celebrate the championship would be putting at risk the realization of what would be the second World Cup in history for Brazil.

México podría organizar el Mundial 2014 en detrimento de Brasil.
Mexico could organize the World 2014 to the detriment of Brazil.

Known scenario in Mexico

In the year of 1984, Colombia, host country for the world cup 1986, He found it necessary to resign from the organization due to the demands that FIFA imposed on him to hold the competition.. Rafael del Castillo, then president of the Mexican Football Federation, He raised his hand and said that the stadiums in Mexico “They only needed a brush and a can of paint.”, after the world cup organized in 1970. A) Yes, Two World Cups were held on Mexican soil. 16 years.

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