Colombia, champion South American U-20

Colombia, campeón del Sudamericano sub-20
Colombia, South American champion sub 20

Last update 4 February, 2013 by Julio Muñoz

Colombia established itself as the best youth quarry in South America. In the decisive last match of the tournament, The coffee team pulled their fine football to break the compact game of Paraguay (very solid throughout the tournament) who were imposed by 2-1 to raise the third South American Sub-20 in its history. Uruguay and Chile compete in the poker of countries classified for the U-20 World Cup in Turkey, where will Spain be as European U19 Champion.

He gives Colombian success the name and surname Juan Fernando Quintero, MVP of the tournament. An exquisite left foot, Accompanied by an out-of-age vision of the game and a great ability for the last pass and dribbles make this Pescara footballer a star of world football in the making. In the middle of the first half appeared to, with some fortune, score the first goal with a long shot. A crack who ruled the final with the same authority that he has shown throughout the tournament.

But Quintero is not alone. With Nieto he has formed a fearsome partnership, Córdoba is an interesting forward and the coffee team can also boast of having Bonilla, best goalkeeper in the championship. In the rear has stood out Vergara, who scored in a corner in the second half to confirm Colombia as champion. Rojas scored the goal of the Paraguayan honor at the end.

Before this grand finale, Uruguay and Chile had to sweat their pass. The celestial team won by the minimum against an Ecuador that was no longer doing anything in the game. A goal from Diente López at six minutes put the match on track and allowed the Roma forward to finish the competition as a solo top scorer with six goals.

By last, Chile was the last to obtain a passport for Turkey. After an immaculate first phase in which they won all their matches, had to wait for the last match to qualify. A goal from a direct free kick from Sevilla's Rabello neutralized the Peruvian initial from Flores and left the Inca team without a prize. Thus, Benavente, Real Madrid player, will not go to the World Cup.

So that, the Quintero, grandchild, Derlis Gonzalez, Cristóforo or Nico Castillo will share the limelight with our Jesé, Óliver and Deulofeu in Turkey in the U-20 World Cup that starts next 21 of June. Until that moment, a Colombia reigns in South America that has taken the baton from the disappointing Brazil and Argentina, eliminated both in the first phase.

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