Europol discovers a web of corruption in football matches amañaba

La Europol descubre una red de corrupción en el fútbol que amañaba partidos
Europol discovers a web of corruption in football matches amañaba

Last update 4 February, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

Europol has dismantled a network accused of match-fixing, who has come to influence 380 meetings, including two Champions League duels, according to the BBC, one played in England but police have not released, and qualifying for World Cups and European Championships. A frame developed in Europe but from Asia, which it has left about eight million euros of benefits to members of the network.

“It seems clear that this is the largest investigation of all time on alleged match-fixing”, said the director of Europol, Rob Wainwright during a press conference in The Hague, arguing that 425 referees, players and club managers 15 countries involved in match-fixing.

Rigged games include qualifying rounds for World and European Championships and top flight matches from different European countries. The researchers found that the criminal network was also involved in match-fixing and some of the match-fixing took place outside Europe.

the Europol, who has been investigating the matter for 18 months, He said he had suspected games in which included qualifying rounds for World and European Championships, two-match Champions League “several parties Europes prestigious leagues”.

Bet betting network 16 million euros and got eight million euros profit, according to Europol, ensuring that those involved in the plot were paid two million euros while the largest single refund was 140.000 euros.

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