Shame again reach the grassroots

La vergüenza vuelve a llegar al fútbol base
Like in 2015, Tebas and again Morena exclude children from Levante. FOTO: AS

Last update 28 December, 2018 por Alberto Llopis

Once again, As I discussed in this article 2015, shame again reach the grassroots with once again as happened already does 3 años, a new affront to the kids Levante. In that distant and increasingly December 2015 They were excluded from going to play Miami when they had classified for the same. League of Thebes and José Ramón de la Morena, Tournament organizers, decided to change the basis for which will enter the Real Madrid who had not qualified instead of granotas.

Levante ninguneado for the second time in three years

En 2018 The tournament is played in Arona, en Canary Islands, and alevín del Levante was fourth place in the national tournament which technically had to give the pass for the prestigious football tournament. However as it does 3 years and based on this saying the League 2015; “Preferred invitation shall be forwarded to those clubs whose image outside Spanish borders more representative, in order to give greater relevance ', will be the 7 top finishers in the First Division last year who come.

One more time, professional interests prevail and business on children

This means that instead of going to play children have earned in the field, Iran to play their first professional teams that have little or nothing to do with them except the color of the shirt, They ranked among the 7 first professional football.

Incomprehensible that the tournament will mark the result of professional teams

Barcelona, Atlético, Real Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Betis and Villarreal will represent, simply because their elite players were so very far away in a professional league soccer fields base where the Levante, like in 2015, He had earned his pass.

A disgrace and an insult to grassroots football and once again, with the same characters. Another ninguneo to granota club than at the time, It seems to be on deaf ears. But with the illusion of children should not play and less teach them from the rotten so small that more, It is this world.

Alberto Llopis

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