Curious that the Valencia goal he scored to Stanislav Cherchesov

Curious that the Valencia goal he scored to Stanislav Cherchesov
Stanislav Cherchesov when he was goalkeeper. Photo. Capture / Twitter @nmdear

Russia coach has been one of the sensations of the World which was held precisely in Russian lands. With his mustache and his face permanent anger, Stanislav Cherchesov who came to play in the Soviet Union and had a long career as a footballer before getting on the bench, He crossed paths with Valencia in the early twenty-first century.

With the same “look” of nowadays, bald, mustache but a few years younger, he passed Aimar of Valencia, Deck of cards, Juan Sánchez, Albelda who later would win two league titles and one UEFA, in a match of Champions back in 2002. The nice thing about playing goalkeeper Cherchesov, sung that made a good insurance, he had taken a good scolding his current pupils if they had done.

the move, so bizarre, as curious, with Cherchesov with his mustache and sweatpants type pajamas, He ended with a goal by Juan Sanchez.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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