Axel Torres and Julio Maldonado: Football wise endangered

Axel Torres y Julio Maldonado: sabios del fútbol en peligro de extinción

Last update 21 October, 2013 by Alberto Llopis

Axel Torres and Julio Maldonado are two of the best sportswriters of the time Spain. Both are two true football lovers, a real "hanging" the beautiful game. If you love football cult, they are the teachers.

This week we criticized in our "Podcast" (podcast link) the Spanish sports journalism. The review of the information was one of the central themes of the debate, but not everything is mediocre sports journalism in our country. “Maldini" and Axel Torres are an example to follow when we talk about sports journalism.

Julio Maldonado “Maldini” is a veteran to his 46 years. From 1980 He started collecting videos of matches, but it was in 1989 when Canal + hired him to be a commentator for foreign leagues. This Madrid has the largest football video library at home, takes over 30 years collecting videos and magazine covers. He has said he has a 60.000 parties. To follow the games from other countries, “Maldini" he set up a satellite system in your home, You can connect from Brazilian football to Ukrainian football. He currently directs the program "Fiebre Maldini" in Canal+, which we discussed in Colgados (link), It is commentator "Deportivo Carousel " SER, image bookmaker Betfair and commentator luxury “Pro Evolution Soccer”, by Carlos Martinez. Teams like Real Zaragoza have wanted to hire this wise sports director.


Axel Torres It is the promise made reality in the world of sports journalism. With only 30 years, This Globetrotters information has passed through the Cope, Radio Marca y the sixth to become a national benchmark. Now in GolTv, It is one of the most followed journalists in social networks. With a critical discourse with the current sports journalism, Axel claims the modest football and its implementation in society. It ensures that small teams there is a special connection, player-fan-club, it is impossible to give in a big team. Already at 18 years was a tireless fighter for his dream of being a sports journalist. Miguel Abellan, Sports director Cope, He decided to give a prize to the insistence of Axel, who kept to send mails, and she gave him a chance on the radio. Since then his career has been meteoric.


From Hanged for football criticize the present journalism (jugones link vs manolos), but we recognize when an audiovisual content good. As far as Axel Maldini They noted for his extensive knowledge of international football, are two journalists who are at the service of the spectator data and contrasting opinions, useful information for fans of this exciting sport. There are two "cracks" microphone endangered.

Koldo Sandoval


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  1. I can not say which is better of the two, I do love both. And similar sick of Ronceros……these gentlemen are the elite of football journalism, the rest is the “salvame football”

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