Jugones against Manolos: the low level of football programs in Spain

Jugones contra los Manolos: el bajo nivel de los programas de fútbol en España

Last update 14 February, 2014 por Alberto Llopis

Josep Pedrerol has released today the new team "Jugones" in the sixth which opens direct competition with "Los Manolos" Four. "Sports Four" led by Manolo Lama and Manu Carreño was making him heading to the Sixth in this timeslot with % of a share of between 6% and a 7%. The "Jugones" program directed by Oscar Rincon and Antonio Esteve was not worked as expected chain. The sixth, with Pedrerol and his team, It seeks to reverse a long game between these two chains for some time.

As many viewers I have been very critical of the contents of Sports Four. Although friendly and funny, "Los Manolos" have deepened as never monopolization of information Barca and Real Madrid, teams that dominate over 80% Time program. With "Sports Four" we have given birth to all the children of the players meringues and Catalans, but we've also swallowed commercials all these "global cracks", We know brand colony mea CR or underpants using Neymar, to mark Bale gomina. Sincerely unemployed living Spain, the absence of competition, joined the program broadcast schedule, one hour where premium national sport, the NAP, They have ensured the success of Mediaset, at least for now.

With the glut of "Los Manolos" and a history of "Punto Pelota" he was not very optimistic about the program Pedrerol , but after listening to the Catalan journalist in "The Sixth Night" on Saturday, I decided to give a vote of confidence to Sixth. Pedrerol publicitó "Jugones" as a program that would pay attention to small teams. Catalan journalist added that there would be much debate and have a lot of football. My initial fears have come true today, football of Madrid and Barcelona wins again in what looks like a repeat of Mediaset program. Sevilla and Villarreal only have had the honor to be present at the inaugural program, la razón, having played against the two last weekend.

Los Manolos muy graciosos pero se han apuntado al monopolio de los dos grandes.
But very funny Manolos have signed the monopoly of the two great.

To seek a difference, I will say for Four Sports is a program fuller, minutes from other sports, section Maldini and Raul Ruiz saved a little creative content and very repetitive. Bale-CR, Mou-Tito, Mou-Pep, Messi -Neymar or miraculous recoveries "Shark Puyol" are repeated every day as if it were a disk "She dances alone". Also they do not have to Rafa Guerrero, that from Colgados we wish you more luck than had today, the famous line judge has been on the moon of Valencia.

I think all football lovers we like goals, the best reps, the best players and summaries classic, even we accept some humor. Programs like the classic "Estudio Estadio", not the current model, or the always fun "The Day After" will delight the "Hanged" for the beautiful game, both away from the banana togethers more characteristic of "Aquí hay tomate" in the case of four and "Save Me" in the case of "Punto Pelota" or "Jugones".

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3 thoughts on “Jugones against Manolos: the low level of football programs in Spain

  1. How right!!
    I have given 3 o 4 opportunities Pedrerol promised this program because as you say, give more space to the teams “minority”.
    After more than a week I have to admit that VOMITABLE program is the most I've seen in a long time… Not only do not give the other teams ball, but not even take them summaries… as if there were!! it seems mind-blowing to me! Neither victory yesterday Marquez, nor silver and bronze world cycling… Absolutely nothing!!! Eso si, 35 minutes talking about Bale, Neymar, Messi, Cristiano and all around them…
    If they wanted to distance themselves from the manolos, what have been done to create a much worse version if possible, with less pace, but with more arches…
    Disappears and the TV is new TRASH!!

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