Your son is not going to be a world star, let you enjoy playing

Your son is not going to be a world star, let you enjoy playing
Your son is not going to be a world star. Let him enjoy and have fun. PHOTO: Sports Novelda

When one is involved in this grassroots football sees all sorts of things by the amount of fields so it goes for years. Obviously the higher category or age of the players it goes 'in crescendo'. But if something surprising and much, It is when one spends one morning to watch football games 8 or soccer 11 its lowest categories like children, and things get out of hand.

Children between parties 6 y 11 o 12 years where we can find all kinds of barbarities. From parents criticizing the coach (in those ages is rather a trainer / educator), insulting the referee who is normally a young kid who is beginning, even those who instruct your child thinking themselves that they are Mourinho and his son, even at an early age, It is being played Champions. There are those who are able to insult her son's rivals, children after all like yours.

Children who in many cases and especially in categories such as cherubim, pre benjamines and benjamines, all they do is chase the ball with the sole purpose of improving coordination and above all, have fun and enjoy with your friends. Something that seems in some cases not understood from outside, where stresses and pressures the child as if his father or mother thinks he has the new Ballon d'Or at home.

Some kids who just want to enjoy and that often, They end up reproducing the gestures of their parents. Bone that if his father does the sheep off the field, insulting the referee, coach or other barbarities rival and quoted at the beginning of the article, possibly the child, innocent yet, you'll end up imitating her role model, his father.

There are few times we've seen fights between parents in these categories matches Really can think the referee wants to favor one or other?, In a match between children 6-7 years? , Do you really think can a parent if a child gives a blow to another it has done with malice and with the intention of harming?, What triggers it before the eyes of a lot of children and their own children, They end up in a battle that causes embarrassment?

Possibly they have lost all values. Sure at the time of many who read this article now, your father instead of sticking with the opposite father, I would have grabbed you by the ear and brought you home with the slightest lack of respect for someone. But of course, your father, mine, the time of, It had clearly not going to be the new Maradona or crack world of that time. Not even that you'd get to be professional. And is that friends, only a select few make it to professionals.

Then we have the coaches of these children instead of trainers they believe they are the new Guardiola, the new Pochettino or the new Mourinho, and put before winning games and links to training, growth and distribution of minutes of your players. Amen quantity taco, treatment and management of children who do. But this, would for many more lines and as if that other day. Definitely, let your child enjoy football, surely, It will not be the global crack that you would like.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

Hanged for football fully. Attempt to gather letters and tell stories in Specialist retro football Current. Football Coach Level II. You can follow me on @AlbertiniLlopis @colgadosfutbol
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