¿La mejor Liga del mundo? Tambourine League

¿La mejor Liga del mundo? La Liga de la pandereta
The League of Thebes, the tambourine league. Foto: Marca.com

Last update 28 August, 2018 por Alberto Llopis

How many times have we heard that that the Spanish league is the best in the world? To the leaders of Laliga, the entity that organizes the Spanish tournament fills the mouth are saying. Even they talk of taking the product to the US and put games on American soil. Decisions that irritates the general public and bungling that cover superlative magnitudes.

Stadiums where you can not play that non-compliant gauging and others have had to be reformed as of Huesca that will not play locally until almost a month and a half after starting the tournament. There are stadiums that do not ensure the integrity of the spectators like Vallecas and has even cost the one-game suspension and meetings in playgrounds at that time did not meet the minimum requirements to play like Zorrilla in Valladolid in his match against the Barcelona.

Not to mention the topic times. Midweek games, viernes, Monday and regrettable hours. Times even endangering the safety of players and spectators as the Valencia derby, in summer in the capital of Turia, known for its wet heat it increases the thermal sensation 4-5 degrees, and the league insists that you play at 12 noon because the marker 'single’ will score 30 degrees and that for them it will not be under the sunshine, It is not extreme heat.. Sun and moisture forget.

A topic that even the Department of Valencian Sanitat has sent a letter to the League talking about the danger that the game is played at that time and which Mr. Thebes and his entourage pass all. And if we talk about the distribution of television rights, as it is mounted around for two and 18 matter remaining one 'damn', we could be talking for hours.

¿La mejor Liga del mundo? League tambourine and all this with a millionaire salary for president, a whole genius of management by the leaders of the League clubs who watch very little for their members and fans. Still spends little.

Alberto Llopis

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