We played like never before and lost as usual, Have you hurt the tiki-taka to modest teams?

We played like never before and lost as usual, Have you hurt the tiki-taka to modest teams?

He said in his day Don Alfredo Di Stéfano's phrase that is not forgotten with the passage of time: the now famous “and we play like never lost as ever”. That so it distinguished that referred to a new display of touch football that did not match with the score. Nowadays, There are many teams in La Liga who have opted for the tiki-taka style of play as and when the shot is coming to them by the butt.

While it is true that it is appreciated that many teams, especially the most modest, try to find the goal counteracts unabashedly, but we should ask to what extent should they play well. If you look at the classification of these first ten days discovers a reality. Three of the last four teams in the table are touch football fans designed at the time by Barcelona and followed by selection.

Almeria, lightning, Betis are, in this sense, the greatest exponents of the idea that not playing well earn more. Lightning is arguably the most obsessed together with the idea of ​​taking the ball played from their own area. The result: 24 goals against children because of delivery failures and only 7 in favor. You get the ball out of the danger zone itself sometimes becomes an odyssey. The same can be said of Real Betis of Pepe Mel or Almeria, whose offensive proposal has been penalized with 23 goals against.

Pepe Mel- Diego Simeone: "jogo bonito" or practical game.
Pepe Mel- Diego Simeone: “Beautiful game” or practical game.

There are certain systems that some equipment can not practice. by players, Not all templates have the ability to get the ball well. And only really, coaches who know how to play their teams, take full result to your group. Take the case of Atletico Simeone, Levante Caparros or Espanyol de Aguirre.

Without great fanfare, no large collective plays, noiselessly they are meeting their goals surplus. Kickback, defensive solidity, direct style adapted to the characteristics of the template directing. And it does not always play well was synonymous with win. Di Stéfano already knew, Italy, as well.

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