The most popular clubs in America

The most popular clubs in America
Chivas is one of the most popular teams in America. PHOTO:

In Latin America soccer live with passion, almost like a religion or a way of life. There are many clubs in that area of ​​the world with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks. Such things are part of the requirements that are looking to measure the popularity of a club. But nevertheless, there are different perceptions of how to measure the popularity of clubs and as is obvious, often it seems more subjective than objective. there are surveys, official lists, unofficial…I talked a little of this. The most popular clubs in America.

The most popular clubs in America according to Conmebol

These are the most popular clubs in South America, although this list, They do not include equipment in North America (especially Mexicans) or Central America.

According to the CONMEBOL these are the most popular clubs in Latin America. Photo: CONMEBOL

The ones that sell the most t-shirts

Sccording to a study by the consulting Euromericas Sport Marketing these were the clubs that sold more shirts in the last year.
1. Chivas de Guadalajara, Mexico, 2.345.000
2. Boca Juniors, Argentina, 2.233.000
3. Flamengo ,Brazil, 2.037.122
4. Corinthians, Brazil, 1.713.789
5. America, Mexico, 1.668.908
6. National Athletic, Colombia, 1.276.098
7. River Plate, Argentina, 1.234.000
8. Rayados de Monterrey, Mexico, 1.122.000
9. LA Galaxy, U.S, 998.090
10. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 977.000

And in your opinion what are the 10 More popular?

Which are the 10 most popular clubs in Latin America?

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