The endless invasion of Mexican soccer

The numbers scare, outraged and concerned: 142 players not born in Mexico may have participation in the newly launched Clausura tournament 2016. A new form of "conquest" has already put on alert to coaches 2 Main virile National Team, who have complained that the presence of so many foreigners in our country hamper the development process, young appearance and consolidation of local values.

But managers not seem to mind it in the least. Hiding behind the phrase that "what is legal, It is not cheating ", Permissive have shown too much with the facilities given to foreign players for less than a rooster crows and be with naturalization documents in hand, facilitating alignment with clubs.

Thus, the possibility that in the short term a Mexican team to start a match with 11 outsiders items, It does not seem very far. "There is nothing illegal in fielding 11 players not born in Mexico, y si eso ocurre será decisión de cada club”, He has declared himself president of the Liga MX, Decio de Maria, in what could be interpreted as an absurd trumpets for any squad encouraged to do so.

Until year and a half, dispute 10 tournaments (5 years) uninterruptedly in local leagues (taking into account the MX Ascenso), He entitled him to a foreign footballer to process naturalization as a Mexican, to stop occupying space abroad. By eliminating said "lock", Now any player out who is engaged in our country can manage its nationalization immediately.

Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio, Tri strategist more, and Raul Gutierrez, de la Selección Sub-20, agree that foreign players in the Aztec tournament "too many" and end up being harmful to the national football, so the issue should be "regulated".

The exponential growth figures naturalized in just 3 years, are as infartar: in the Apertura 2012 there were only 10 Nationalized players in the Liga MX, while for the newly started Closing 2016 will be… 60. Apart, otra treta usada por los directivos es contratar a futbolistas nacidos en Estados Unidos pero de padres mexicanos, that for regulatory purposes are considered Aztecs, and they are 19 more athletes that are part of this endless invasion.

What in my opinion it is the worst of this matter, It is that the vast majority of those outsiders are not nearly the eighth wonder futbolera to merit so many advantages to align, blocking spaces to local talents, and therefore they are not an example or leave teaching these.

If we refer to the most common criteria for assessing performance, he 70% foreigners must have already left the country, or stay here ... but with an arrest warrant issued against him for fraud, because they produce nothing outstanding and most of them are held solely by the management fad of "care investment", that is to say, almost forcing coaches to put them in the "11" starting for the goods is in sight and not devalue soon and too much.

Something needs to be done in Mexico, because although we speak of globalization and is intended to justify such folly, you can view that no more than 5 years there will be a crisis in the National Teams, because there will be no raw material with enough experience to meet international commitments. Local youth live waiting for an opportunity to say no longer devote himself, but even debuting, and just a few minutes injury may occur holders, so will the.

Meanwhile, elements as Rubens Sambueza, Osvaldo Martínez, Michael Arroyo, Miguel Samudio, Paolo Goltz, Damián Alvarez, Emmanuel Loeschbor, Dante López, Yerson Candelo, Ariel Rojas, Christian Giménez, Joao Rojas, Lucas Lobos, Eisner Loboa, blacks Cardozo, Hernán Burbano, Danilo Veron, Mauro Cejas, Martín Bravo or Darío Bottinelli, among many others, undeservedly continue to occupy a privileged place (and collecting salaries star), when their numbers need more-not individual statistics to consult on any respectable website for comprobarlo- they are poor and mediocre, Tournament after tournament, and confirm that once secured the contract, most lie in the hammock to watch the time ... and the ball.

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.
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