Successful selection of Wales, a story with smiles and tears

Successful selection of Wales, a story with smiles and tears
Wales was with permission from Iceland, the revelation of the Euro. Source:

No one, or Welshmen own, They expected the Wales national football team reached the semifinals of Euro 2016. But that does not mean that dragons were holiday to France; rather they were all out thanks to a great mentality, an enviable team spirit and, as well, the legs of Gareth Bale.

If we look predictions for Euro 2020 We see that Wales is at the same level options selections from Switzerland and Russia, ahead of others such as Turkey or the Czech Republic. They are not among the favorites to win the title-the bookmakers still do not believe in fairy tales- but say it is expected that the Welsh have no problem to qualify and would not even be strange that exceeded the group stage.

This is almost surreal when you consider that Wales is a country of just over three million inhabitants and that does not even own league, the top teams playing in the Welsh Premier League. It could be that, as in rugby, Wales has a great football tradition and have always been at the top, but it's not like that: qualification for the Euro 2016 It was the second time in history that the final phase of an international football competition was achieved.

Wales has been featured in one of the most exciting stories that have lived in the world of football along 2016, as did another of the teams that had a starring role in the recently disputed Football Championship, Iceland. Premier League title achieved by Leicester City, or the rise of Leganés to First, were other highlights by football fans moments. Qualifying for Euro fifty-six years after Wales participate in the World 1958 It was already a historic achievement, but semifinals exceeded all expectations held.

Welsh players were welcomed in a big way in his country. Source:
Welsh players were welcomed in a big way in his country. Source:

Wales is now Cinderella in which all teams are eager to become the world. One component of the Welsh selection recently he declared he wanted his team, el Crystal Palace, outside the Welsh Premier League, and he appealed to the same team spirit and winning mentality: "We have players, but as a team you have to let the skin and try to win games. We are a small nation, Gales, but we managed to put the world upside down; Palace now need to have the same winning mentality ".

Perhaps the success of Wales is due to the fact of having one of a kind as Gareth Bale, a man who can decide a match at any time, since it is not in vain faster driving the ball. If Dynamo Kiev was a feared team in Europe and Ukraine a selection rather than respected, It was thanks to a warrior like Andriy Shevchenko. And in tennis, If a country like Switzerland can have a gold medal and Davis Cup is because one of its nationals is called Roger Federer. But nevertheless, and very decisive as these individuals, like Shevchenko Serhiy Rebrov had to Stan Wawrinka and Federer, Bale also help.

Ashley Williams, Captain, s experience in the defense and security; in the middle of the field have Andy King, that would bring home valuable lessons from Ranieri at Leicester City, or Aaron Ramsey, which it is an indisputable. In the front, you could say that having Bale is not to do a lot more, but Real Madrid star joined other as Hal Robson-Kanu, Reading the player who is especially good selection. further, the template has other beloved players in both the selection and in their respective clubs, such as Chris Gunter, that their 27 Years have 74 Wales appearances and success among fans.

Wales is known for being a country with a great musical tradition: from Tom Jones and Bonnie Tyler more modern bands like Stereophonics and Lostprophets. The Barry Horns are one of the many bands, of all genres, that they have turned to the Welsh team. The official anthem for Euro 2016 It is a catchy pop song signed by veterans Manic Street Preachers that reviews the history of selection and has recovered a video that many legends of Welsh football, como Ian Rush.

And one of the great successes of Wales is the great campaign that has also carried out the field. Encumbrar far from Bale or focus on what they are good players, Welsh team has managed to involve the whole country. It has built a real pineapple inside and outside the locker room and made, as it is all done today, under a hashtag: #TogetherStronger

& Quot; Together, stronger" Welsh slogan. Source:
“Together, stronger” Welsh slogan. Source:

Unfortunately often you have to spend something tragic to awaken a sense of solidarity and unity in others. There is one of those moments on the way to success for Wales. In 2011 takes over as coach someone who until recently had been a player, Gary Speed. Only Neville Southall has more shares than Wales Speed, it was not only an icon of the Welsh team, because he managed to succeed in teams like Leeds United and Newcastle.

In August 2011 Wales is placed in the position 117 FIFA ranking, its worst historical position. Welshmen failed to win but confident young Speed. Appoints team captain Aaron Ramsey with only 20 years, making it the youngest in the history of selection.

Good results start coming, including a victory against Switzerland, and even they fail to qualify for Euro 2012, It becomes the team with the best performance of the year: in October 2011 Wales was ranked 45 ranking. In November they play a friendly with Norway winning by 4-1 and that ends up being the last game as coach of Speed, since a few days he ceases from office.

Chris Coleman is the new head of the Welsh team, no easy task given the circumstances. Wales fails to qualify for the World 2014 and Coleman himself acknowledges that had many moments that would have thrown in the towel, but the Welsh Dragons went ahead and prior to Euro 2012 They ended as group; qualifying for the best national team competition of the old continent. The rest is history.

Bale legs, a young but very complete team, the winning mentality, the warmth of the people, the vision of Gary Speed, the impact of their loss, the spirit of excellence, play game by game and believe beyond ... are just some of the reasons why Wales has touched the sky with fingers and continue to do so in the future.

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