March 02, 2021
camisetas de futbol

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Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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    Hello, It is a shame that these things happen, but worst of all is that I do not wonder.

    On the other hand, to read this article I had to close up 6 pop up advertising (I read from the mobile), with no less than reading would be less frustrating. regards

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    I feel terrible what they have done to the U-12 boys from the Levant,but even ruin as always being the most famous team of the plateau,with the complacency of Thebes,Florentino and parents of children classified what is more indecent seems to me the attitude of the president of the Real Madrid Levante has not complained or said anything about this matter please leave Levante Sr.Catalan once you will ruin,It's almost second and leave him worse than found, defends his team for working because it goes in the salary,thank you very much and happy new year

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    That it's going to Spain, It is given more importance to the “first name” that the value of people.
    And so we want our kids to learn??
    I am surprised that this was not published in newspapers or on television issued.

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    Medenigrante eparece sad and unfortunate what these elements El Larguero and do with children .without emetic and denigrante.darle my henorabuena qwe those children with esfurzo and ilusion reached the alto.hay more qweda eso.qwe pain


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