Grassroots football again filled with shame

Grassroots football again filled with shame
Another shame in grassroots football. The referee teenager left the field crying after being constantly heckled by parents. Photo: Youtube

Another and do not know how many are already, grassroots football again filled with shame again after a match occurred in children, far from the prism of professional football. This time it was a young referee, teen just taking their first steps in arbitration, who after many insults from parents who were outside the field, inconsolable crying ended, collapsed by pressure.

thus showing one of the great problems of youth football, the example they give to children, who by the way in most cases, They tend to have more respect and common sense than their parents when they are on the field. At the end of the day are just kids who want to have fun with what they like best, play football. The problem is the example they receive from those who have to be their referents.

How can we expect respect for professional referees and even senior categories' amateurs’ If people are not able to understand that an arbitrator,  it's a boy in training, Pite no one believes is right? Because whistle is nothing easy.

If from small children see that as disrespectful as uncivilized attitude is not only tolerable, but encouraged, Please little is being done to future societies. We hope gradually to resolve these situations in grassroots football, it must serve and lower categories above, to train people but not small ultras.

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