Why not equilibrate categories in youth football?

¿Por qué no se equilibran las categorías en el fútbol base?
This shocking result has risen again the controversy grassroots football. However, Bulging are many thrashings given in all federations Should we change the design of grassroots football? Photo: Marca.com

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Every weekend is common to see thrashings of scandal in grassroots football matches, is the federation that is, especially those affecting smaller, the football ones 8 o 7 by community and in the early stages football 11. It is common to see games 22,17,14 0 10 or zero to one or those who are but always far ahead of the winners, results not do much good to kids aged 6-7 years and 12-14. Bleeding is even greater when teams enter the fray of these categories which belongs to professional football club. Then it is even more bleeding.

According area, professional football clubs have their quarries in the highest and lowest thrashings at schools youth football They are real scandal. We could get a thousand samples but perhaps none better than the one in the Canary area, en concreto en The Gran Canarian palms where alevín team UD Las Palmas he got nothing more and nothing less than 47 a su rival. This in a match lasting an hour. A rival who already had 147 accumulated goals in a few games.

What helps youth football groups that have computers 100 goals in 10 parties and others with almost 200 embedded? How difficult would in all federations equate more groups, look at the histories of schools and keep in matches occur as early categories such thrashings? Is well-designed grassroots football as such, really you can not match schools for their level? It is the eternal debate on this matter which is already kicking time but repeats the same cases each season.

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