The FIFA problem opens debate in LaLiga SmartBank

The FIFA problem opens debate in LaLiga SmartBank

The national team stoppage always gives time to reflect on why professional competitions do not stop completely as the big leagues of all countries do.. Soccer has always been a discipline of great racial and cultural plurality, and the professionalization of the major European leagues has meant that in LaLiga SmartBank more and more international players play in this league.

All competitions are important and all teams play a lot every season, both sportingly and economically. Second Division, the most powerful teams and, so, favorites in the La Liga Betfair bookmaker to achieve promotion, they usually have several internationals in their ranks. It is because of these concentrations of national teams that LaLiga SmartBank does not stop, logically affecting the performance of these teams, that they obligatorily lose their internationals.

Quite a reasonable request

The problem that FIFA is experiencing has affected 26 Second Division footballers who have not been able to help their club in two decisive days, in which all teams fight for some goal.

RCD Espanyol, CD Lugo and RCD Mallorca have been the most affected by the national team stoppage by losing for these matches to 4 players each team. The Rayo Vallecano has also been harmed when leaving with their respective teams Dimitrievski and Saveljich.

Mallorca and Espanyol occupy the first two positions, and they have plenty of staff to recover from the casualties, although they are important, but the CD Lugo, who is now in a somewhat complicated situation, with two manager changes this season, and struggling not to fall into relegation positions, has been greatly harmed by this fact, and there are many voices that have been raised in favor of asking that the second division also stop for international matches.

Andoni Iraola, Rayo Vallecano coach, has been one of those have given their opinion on this debate, and although he is aware of the tight schedule in a SmartBank League with 22 teams, ask at least that they do not put matches during the week during these selection breaks so that they affect at least the least number of possible matches.

And it is that the league calendar has crumb. With 10 months of competition, Taking advantage of the weeks of national teams to put matches during the week is the least curious, since it clearly hurts teams that have international players in their squads.

This season there is little that can be done other than adapt and get out of the way in the best possible way, But the Spanish Football Federation should give the calendar a turn for the next season, taking into account that there are more and more international players who are active in the second division., and that, so, the concentrations of the soccer teams affect the sporting performance of the clubs in this category.

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