Players who were real bargains for their teams

Players who were real bargains for their teams
Keylor Navas in the stage in Levante. The granota team signed the Costa del Albacete at a discounted price and sold it years later to Real Madrid for 10 millions after being one of the best goalkeepers in the world that year. Photo:

¿Which players were real bargains for their teams? Football and many decades it became a market for buying and selling where players go to one side or the other according to the highest bidder. Where clubs are companies trying to buy low-cost footballers to revalue players and sell them for much more than they paid.

There are clubs whose survival and growth has been subject to this method and some have become real experts. We remind some of the best cases, players who for their performance, its value and selling it in some cases.

Players who were real bargains for the teams that signed them

Pedja Mijatovic: in the summer of 1993 Valencia was done with the services of a young player in the Balkans at that time mired in a terrible war. Partizan came and few knew. Are trataba de Pedja Mijatovic. The rest of the story already know. His transfer to Real Madrid 1000 million old pesetas was a round operation economically but not so sentimental for a hobby that never forgave.

This change of shirt provoked a wave of hatred towards Real Madrid Mestalla. But for Valencia was a profitable signing economically and in sports. A bargain.

Milinko Pantic: "I know that for you is unknown, but for me it is a player who can give more resources to this template. It is a great strategist, a great free kick taker, It has a great change of pace and, despite being playmaker, solves play ". Radomir Antic a well defined Milinko Pantic after signing him from the Greek Panionoios for 75 million pesetas in 1995, to the surprise of the press and the general public because it was a completely unknown player. The truth is that the Serbian coach was short and Pantic became one of the best players in the history of Atletico, one of the best of his time and one of the most profitable signings in history.

Keylor Navas: in 2010 Albacete fichaba a young goalkeeper from Costa Rica. His descent to Second B made had to give it to a top team. This was the Levante have it given that after a year and despite not play almost anything, advantage of the situation and joined 200.000 euros to keep it in property. The move came round. In the 2013/14 Keylor Navas exploded as a player, was the best goalkeeper in the Liga with Levante and one of the best in the World prompting Real Madrid bought it at Levante 10 million in a round operation for granotas.

Dani Alvés: Monchi when Alves signed for Sevilla for a 850.000 euros, few knew this player who years later and after triumphing in Seville during 6 seasons, It was to become one of the world's best in his position. Barcelona paid for it 35,5 million euros in a brilliant operation for Sevilla. Alvés played other 8 seasons at FC Barcelona club at a very high level.

Paul Pogba: possibly one of the most flagrant cases of world football. Pogba was Manchester United when 2012 He was free after not renewing his contract towards the Juventus. There was a name in the world of football and appreciated both in 2016 Manchester United paid over 100 million euros for him, by a player who was already his years before and had gone free. Operation 10 for Juventus.

Pogba in its first stage in the United. Photo: The Sun

Felipe Caicedo: Levante requested the assignment 2010 of an Ecuadorian girl who did not have a starring role at Manchester City. At the same time, granota were made with a purchase option 1 million euros in which no one had much faith. Caicedo exploded like striker Levante, especially in the second round and granotas they rushed to sign him for 1 million to automatically sell for almost 9 the CSK Moscow. A business 10 definitely.

Marco Asensio: the Spaniard was a young prominent in the RCD Mallorca in the Second Division when large fixed on him. However, that Barcelona have not dared to pay 3,5 million euros asking for him. Real Madrid if he did and got one of the most promising players of Spanish football coming to have a clause 500 millions of euros.

they were real bargains for their teams
Marco Asensio facing a rival in his time at Mallorca. Photo:

Juan Mata: He was one of Real Madrid's most promising youth players but the white team did not finish making way for the first team. Valencia was very attentive and gave him the option to play in the First Division. Years after it was sold for 27 million euros to Chelsea. Definitely, was another one of those players who were real bargains for your teams.

Jeferson Lerma: the best operation in the history of Levante. If those of Caicedo, Keylor Navas or Koné were good, Jeferson Lerma's was undoubtedly the best. Bought it for 650.000 euros en 2015 and sold it on 2018 by 30 millions of euros. Without a doubt, an authentic example of profitable operation.

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