The best Brazilian players in the history of Barcelona

Los mejores jugadores brasileños de la historia del Barcelona
For many, Ronaldinho is the best Brazilian player in the history of Barcelona. PHOTO:

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Who are the best Brazilian players in the history of Barcelona? Dani Alvés He came to affirm in his first stage as a culé that the best Brazilian player who had passed through the history of the culé club was none other than his partner at that time and a compatriot Neymar. However, reviewing the more than centenary history of the Catalan club, the statement seems the less daring. Even more so with Alves' own history as a culé. We review some.

The best Brazilian players in the history of Barcelona

1-Ronaldinho: the man who raised the Bernabeu with applause, the man who was the best in the world at the time and that if he wanted, perhaps it would have been history. Magic, talent, many football kilates….Those were some of the attributes of one of the most talented players in the history of the sport. A player who could have got where he wanted. He won the Golden Ball as player of Barcelona and completed a successful phase of titles in the club FC Barcelona.

Dani Alves: He came in 2008 to the culé club and was present in what is possibly the best decade in Barça's history. Speed, power and performance, some of the features of one of the men who has become one of the classics of Barcelona. Few players surpass him titles and despite his preference for Neymar, Alves himself he has nothing to envidar regarding this ranking is concerned. came back in 2022 to continue writing his story as a culé although he could not add any title. He later ended up in prison for sexual assault..

mejores jugadores brasileños de la historia del Barcelona
Dani Alves is for titles, parties and relevance, one of the best soccer players in culé history. PHOTO:

Neymar: the brazilian completed some magnificent years at Barcelona. Something few thought on arrival at Barcelona and polemics price of his move. However, with his signing for PSG in 2017, the most expensive signing in football history so far, his career as a culé was cut short.

Ronaldo: Few players need so little time to be in the public's memory but tell that to Ronaldo. The Brazilian, He played more years at Real Madrid where he also shone, in the Barcelona, but in his only year as he broke culé. It excelled in known as League of stars , where he marked 30 goals, a brutal figure for a time when the leagues were more couples. His goal against Compostela in San Lazaro, He went down in history as one of the most spectacular ever have been in a display of power, strength and quality. that year 1996-97 it was Ronaldo's year.

ronaldo barcelona
Ronaldo excelled in his year in Barcelona. It is one of the best Brazilian history. PHOTO: Brand

Romario: its magic in Barcelona lasted one year plus another less successful half but the Brazilian was so. Great on the field, with their way of living out of it. He was top scorer in his first year in the league and gave glory nights and exhibition like that Dodge cow tail at that Rafa Alkorta 5 zero to Real Madrid in the Clasico played at the Camp Nou in January 1994 where by the way, the Brazilian scored 3 goals.

Rivaldo: Golden Ball as a culé player in 1999, juice 235 parties with the Barça shirt where he scored 135 goals and gave 44 assists. Remembered above all that goal against Valencia in the last minute of the last La Liga match 2000-01 known as ‘Rivaldo's Chilean‘.

Obviously in the history of Barcelona there will be many more players, but Colgados, We wanted to make a brief review of the last decades of FC Barcelona club.

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