Spanish Super Cups

Spanish Super Cups
Roberto Carlos is one of the best Brazilians in the history of Real Madrid. PHOTO: transfer market

Who are they the best Brazilian in the history of Real Madrid? White club is one of the greats of world football. named best club in history in the twentieth century, They have passed through its row multitude of cracks that have contributed their bit to enlarge the history of the white club.

But in this article, we focus on a particular nationality, Brazil. That's why I want to remind those who are possibly, the best players from Brazil in the history of the Bernabéu club.

The best Brazilian players in the history of Real Madrid

Roberto Carlos: he played for Real Madrid between 1996 Y 2007 which he proved to be the best left back in the world and one of the best ever. Powerful, technical and spectacular, he left some simply wonderful goals like 'The impossible goal’ in Tenerife, due, among other things, to his excellent and devastating shot. He left Real Madrid with: 4 Suspenders, 3 Supercopa of Spain, 2 Intercontinentales, 1 European Super Cup and 3 Champions.

Ronaldo Nazario: It is arguably the best pure center forward in football history. Despite arriving some kilos past Real Madrid, signed seasons very good white dress. He played between 2002 Y 2007 Y framework 104 white officers goals. Won 2 Suspenders, 1 And Supercopa of Spain 1 Intercontinental Cup.

Marcelo: He came very young to Real Madrid, in 2007 with 19 years and he has spent the decade as madridista. It came as a promise to the white club and soon became a true reality. Nothing more and nothing less than 4 Champions as madridista, in addition to 5 Suspenders, 2 Copas del Rey, 5 Supercopa of Spain, 3 Europe Y 4 Club World.

Spanish Super Cups
Spanish Super Cups 2022. Spanish Super Cups 23 as madridista. PHOTO: Real Madrid

Canary: he signed in 1959 and he was part of that front of Real Madrid who won 1960 Spanish Super Cups Spanish Super Cups. Di Stéfano formed it, Of the sun, people, Puskas and our hero, Canary. Between 1959 Y 1962 He won a European Cup, 2 Suspenders, 1 Cup and 1 Intercontinental.

Pepe: Pepe has Portuguese nationality but was born in Brazil so we include in this list. He came in 2007 and he went in 2017, ten years later. And he made a a spectacular track record: 3 Suspenders, 2 Copas del Rey, 2 Supercopa of Spain, 2 European Super Cup, 3 Champions Y 2 Club World.

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