What to expect from Antoine Griezmann for this season ?

What to expect from Antoine Griezmann for this season ?
What to expect from Antoine Griezmann?

Griezmann's signing this season has not been without controversy. When it seemed that it was all done with FC Barcelona for a change of scenery and leave Atletico Madrid last summer, the world champion with the French backed down at the last moment.

The ways that did not help win the sympathy of the fans of Barcelona, This course was divided on the possibility of undertaking its incorporation again. Nobody forgets the TV show style Lebron James Miami Heat when he signed on to announce his decision in a documentary in which, also, He also helped Barcelona player Gerard Pique. And all to announce that stayed at Atletico because, in his own words, there could make history.

In the end, a year later and 20 million more than it did his buyout clause last year, Griezmann has finished wearing the shirt Blaugrana. Even so, there are many who still believe that what he did was disrespectful, and that any club is above its players. so many, including their own Griezmann, They justify it by saying that it is only a game at the end, and there is always room for good players on good teams.

Not seem, well, that this is the best contexts for the French player can squeeze all its potential. But nevertheless, we talk about a player who is not easily influenced by pressure, which it has been the symbol of one of the best athletic history, and barely a year that won the World Cup makes. Is, Thus, one of the best times to bet on 1xBet Brazil, since everything is open for the season.

The forward position in the FC Barcelona team over the past decade has been complicated. Only Messi was fixture during this stage glorious. Meanwhile, there have been accompanying him some of the best players ever. Henry, Eto´o, Ibrahimovic, Pedro, Villa, Alexis Sanchez, etc. But nevertheless, despite starring in some of his best football seasons, none has managed to maintain the level of consistency required in the best team in the world for several years.

Special mention deserves the case of the front formed by Leo himself, Neymar, and Luis Suarez, for many the best trident history. While Suarez remains undisputed gear piece in Catalan, Neymar decided two years ago to go to Paris, thus breaking the scariest front of history. Just over a year and a half has been slow to realize that the Brazilian player was the worst decision of his career.

The transfer market has been so marked by the polemics of Griezmann and Neymar. We'll see how the French player has put the costumes so much interest in the Brazilian takes, and if he is able to win the affection of the fans in the field. Take advantage of it to gamble with Winbet promo code. In the end, the good ones are condemned to understand.

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