Forecasts for Laliga Santander 2019 – 2020

Forecasts for Laliga Santander 2019 – 2020

It has already begun League First Division and thus also begin Football betting tips with the possibility of betting on every day through the sportsbook call home Marathonbet. The sports forecasts They are hard to find but we can pull historical, statistics and find the most likely bets.

What is expected of Laliga Santander?

The forecasts We are situated in a very exciting championship and clear favorite teams to win the tournament. Within this parameter, we find the Barcelona as core team to defend the trophy. This is because since 2005 has won 10 league championships. This team expect a year of change and will have to prove they are the rivals to beat.

Secondly, we stumbled upon the Real Madrid, team that has just won a trophy in the last seven. yes, It is always a clear favorite to win the tournament since it always offers rather fight Barcelona. They have gotten renewed and with new signings may be the new winning team. If you want to return to glory, will need to confirm and establish it on the football field.

Third and on merit, another favorite to win the championship is the Atletico Madrid. It is obvious that this team is a clear candidate for results in recent years. And he got the miracle 2014 of break the streak of the two Spanish giants and claim your site. With his coach Simeone desire and no lack of quality.

Although he has not won a title in the last decade, after his victory in the recent final of the Copa del Rey, the Valencia You could surprise and impose the three favorites. This machine has a few years of change and uncertainty but it seems that everything becomes like the golden years and is a strong candidate to win any title. yes, learning from past mistakes and settling its workforce.

The closure of the transfer market

Hazard, De Jong, Joao Felix, Griezmann… are some of the big names who have left the transfer market 2019. All teams have been strengthened to cope with a new season presumed most competitive than in previous years. The first league matches They are a good example of this: Madrid and Barca have only won one of the three matches so far.

Candidates for the decline and give the stroke

Others Laliga forecasts They are always related to the decline. Mallorca is a newly promoted but always flirts with the lower part of the championship and that makes them candidates down. Another is promoted Granada, which also tends to deflate half league and will have to sweat permanence. Valladolid and Osasuna Two other candidates also lose category. Statistics tell us that these teams often rather suffer.

The teams called to the surprise and remove the top four favorites tag and away the league domain are Sevilla, Betis, Villarreal and Athletic. They are teams that always fight over fifth and sixth place, but, Who can deny that they are also candidates Champions? for that, could spring a surprise and hold in high places championship.

We would like to conclude this article with the final thought that the 20 teams have options, plus, this league has ever greater equality. Another factor is that enough has been several days, the teams are evenly matched and that influences the forecasts are so general.

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