How to Bet on the major European championships?

¿Cómo apostar en los campeonatos europeos más importantes?
The best bets for the main European leagues.

Last update 1 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Gambling is an art that very few dominate. That's why, at the gates of a new season, we wanted to know what you think the team betting Club on favorite in the upcoming European leagues. Y éste ha sido el resultado.

It is about to start a new footballing year, where major league teams different are preparing for a new cycle. And Betting Club will guide you through the best way in your bets in this new season.

Apuestas Club es un sitio de pronósticos deportivos que te ayuda a tomar una mejor decisión a la hora de apostar. Our specialists in each league, You can get a better perspective of what is happening in the world of football. Forecasts of the major leagues in Latin America, to international competitions, In addition to the leading European championships.

On this occasion, Club betting brings a new article which teach them to bet on the top leagues in Europe. We will tell you the odds that each club to win the title, In addition to the fees paid by bookmakers to each team.

Are you new to the world of gambling? Tranquilo, Here you will be guided step by step, how to develop a bet. But what if you are an expert? We have for you some tips that will be useful in predicting in any football league, In addition to our free courses sportsbook on our website.

Then Let's review the season 2018-2019 the top European championships!

How to Bet the champion of the most important championships?

The bookmakers show odds each team to win the title before the season start. The lower share, more likely to have the team win the title. The fee is the number that indicates the probability of an event happening, Of course, this always in favor of bookmakers.

For the probability, we use quotas offered by a bookmaker in Santander League teams to win the title. Next, in the table below:


tabla liga española


divide 100 between the amount of equipment to be obtained. Let's operation chance with Real Madrid and Barcelona; 42.55% y 57.14% respectively. If the same is done with all computers and adds the total probability, It gives us more result 100%. This is how the bookmakers gain advantage over bettors, and generate profits.

Some teams will use as an example to explain how much money you can earn. Again take the same table, to determine the possible return of the bet. We multiply the amount you want to bet on the fee offered by the bookmaker. Next, An example;

We have a bench € 100.00, Pick any team and multiply it by the quota to one side. If you think the Barcelona achieved the championship, the maximum income would be € 175.00 to € 100.00 per multiply 1.75, a profit of € 75.00 € 100.00 subtracting the initial.

Otherwise, If you think that Real Madrid will get the league championship Santander, let me tell you that your earnings could be higher than if you bet to Barcelona. Do the exercise again, multiply € 100.00 per share, that is to say 2.35 Giving a maximum income of € 235.00 total, a profit of € 135.00 € 100.00 subtracting the initial.

Now look at the fees it offered the English league;

tabla de la liga inglesa


As you may notice, shares of the first teams are much higher than that offered by the Spanish league. This is because there are more teams that can fight for the championship and ends with the probability distribute more teams. Not like in the Spanish league, much of the probability concentrate only 3 equipment.

Next, quotas for the Italian league champion, A series;

tabla de la liga italiana

If you bloat for some popular team, you have two news; the first, if he can get the title team, not only will remember for the rest of your life, let me tell you that your pocket will get a high amount of banknotes. On the other hand, Unfortunately the chances of this happening are very low, a pity.

Do the exercise with Frosinone Calcio, being the team with the highest share of Series A. If you bet € 100.00, you would receive at the end of the season a big surprise, in addition to € 100,000, nada mal ¿No?

But if you are someone looking for a title insurance, do not hesitate to bet on Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga or Paris Saint Germain in Ligue One. Since these two teams most likely to be champions within 5 Top European leagues. Next, fees paid by bookmakers by these teams.


The probability that the Paris achieved the title is the 90.90%, while Bayern Munich is the 89.28%. Therefore your odds are high, their fees are low. In these circumstances it is advisable to bet a larger amount of money, in order to finish the season with a good profit.

But nothing like the Champions League, the most important tournament of European clubs. The bookmakers offer odds we all participating teams. And therefore being the most prominent competition, fees are quite high. The favorites to win this competition teams end up being those who are favorites to win their respective league. Next, fees Champions League;

tabla uefa champions league

The team favorite to win this season 2018-2019, Manchester City is a chance 15.38%. In a nutshell, the probability distribution in this competition is quite large among all participants.

If you want to learn a little more sports betting, We invite you to learn more Betting Club at the following link; Where you will find articles week after week sports predictions of the most important football leagues, plus free courses if they wanted to learn to bet on a more advanced level.

Good bets to all!

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