CD Castellón a classic that wants to escape from the well of Spanish football

CD Castellón a classic that wants to escape from the well of Spanish football
Pablo Hernandez, Leeds United and Angel Albert, part of the dome that has taken over the CD Castellón and have lent their image for a season ticket campaign has been a success in Castellón. Photo: CD Castellón season ticket campaign.

It was one of the news of the week, Third equipment exceeding 8000 subscribers in a category where in most fields will not fit over 3000 people being generous. But it is that any one team is not within the category if not a classic of Spanish football 11 1st season, 41 2nd and became runner-up in Spain in Copa 1973. We speak as you know the CD Castellón.

The orelluts have passed and still going through a delicate social and economic situation. Although the arrival of a new group in which two former part of the house, with extensive experience in professional football are an angel of Albert and Pablo Hernandez, They seem to have returned illusion and a little light at the parish of Castalia. While the season ticket campaign launched by the club called 'Centurion’ He has managed to overcome 8000 subscribers in a month, being in a category that is neither 100% professional.

A figure that far exceeds the great majority of Segunda B teams and even Second and First though some of these for obvious conditions due to the ability of their stadiums such as Eibar. But nevertheless, are still far from the record of the category marked a few years ago by Real Oviedo, another landmark that fell in the mud of the Third and was able to achieve 12.000 subscribers.

The ovetenses again see the light and regain a place in professional football. Orelluts expect at least get back to the Second Division, category in which they are one of the teams with more seasons. Of course, seeing what they have lived these last 7 years, it would not be a bad thing.

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